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The UNabomber Warned With Swiss Air 111 - 911 Twin Towers - Thousands Are Now Dead

AN UNABOMBER? - Dr. Theodore John Kaczynski (TK) -
Born 22 May 1942 - The Borderline Gemini ♊
7 Hand & 9 Mail

I.R.A. > Caesar Cipher Key +9 or -17 < R.A.J.
+8 Letters > I(9thL) +8 Letters >R(9thL) +8 Letters A(9thL)
so 79....88....97 - IR-is The Old Messenger
All Security Personnel and Cops Know That!

As My Disabled Stepfather Taught Me "History Is A Vast Early Warning System" Norman Cousins
But Only Those With An EDUCATION, Know This.....Don't Ever Insult Informed/Educated People and Minorities Including Left Handers, Ever Again!

*WORKING DOCUMENT* Updated 5 January 2011 - With Some Help From Roman Polanski!

If You Aren't a Maths Genius Like Theodore Kaczynski (TK) ........You Can Still Build a Simple Computer Model To Check If Numerical Patterns Actually Exist, in Dates, Numbers, Names and Historical Events. The Intelligence Community Has Produced Many Computer Models/Scenarios With Multi Faceted Numerical Dimensions for Analytical and Strategic Purposes.

If The Pentagon has approximately 23,000 employees and the CIA HQ, Langley, Virginia, has an estimated 20,000 employees, people within for sure, Produce Detailed Factual Profiles of People and analyze all dimensions of Actions/Terrorist Attacks, including Numerical Patterns/Dimensions, in order to plot future behaviour and targets. This Has Always Been The Responsibility of The Intelligence Community.

Here are a Few Examples Of Man Made Actions, for New Readers To This Blog, before presenting the Unabomber's (TK) Actions and Motives. This Blog Is Entirely Serious, Even Though Some Facts/References Will Appear Rather Humorous, to Ignorant Uneducated Adolescents/Adults.


Forget The Public Statements/Image....What is Really Going On?

RELIGION(S) And Man Made 33 + 11 Vehicles
Refer To This Post: Pope John Paul I - A Christmas Present From The Heart

Picture: Pope John Paul I

33 Years After (1978) the End of World War II (1945) and 33 Days After John Paul I (Italian Citizen) became Pope on 26 August 1978, JPI Died on 28 September 1978 (Aged 65).

An Observation: The Mid Point Date From 26 August through 28 September, is 11 September (911).

Karol Józef Wojtyła, a Polish Cardinal replaced Pope John Paul I. Karol had a variety of names to choose from. He intentionally chose the name, John Paul II. It would appear Poland was Selected and Elected through John Paul II (1978) to break Soviet Domination in Eastern European Countries.

Picture: Pope John Paul II

33 Days After Pope John Paul II Became (the First Polish) Pope on 16 October 1978, the Entire World Saw the Massacre of Jim Jones's - Jonestown Communist/Socialist Utopia in Guyana on the 18 November 1978.

Pope John Paul II was Targeted For Assassination Twice
On 13 May 1981 (Dy#133/DyRem232) & 12 May 1982 (Dy#132 /DyRem233).

77 Days After the 1st Assassination Attempt Against John Paul II, Princess Diana Married on 29 July. From 13 May (JPII Ass #1) To 31 August (Diana's Death), there are 110 Days, Mid Point 55 Days > 7 July.

When Bus #30 left Marble Arch on 7 July 2005 (AQ London Bombings)......


333 Days After Pope John Paul I Died (Pope for Only 33 Days), Louis Mountbatten (British Royal Family) Was Murdered on 27 August 1979, By the IRA (Irish Republican Army - Catholic Terrorist Group).

33 Days After Louis Mountbatten's Murder, Pope John Paul II Went On Pilgrimage To Ireland (29 September - 1 October 1979)

Picture: Sir. Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma

An Observation:
Louis Mountbatten was Born on 25 June 1900 (Dy#176 /DyRem189) and His Wife, Edwina on 28 November 1901 (Dy#332 /DyRem33). If you focus on the days, 25 June and 28 November, the Mid Point is 11 September (911), with 77 or 78 Days on each side and 79 Days when the Start/End Dates Are Included in the Calculation.

PICTURE: Princess Diana With Her Sons, William and Harry

Add 11 Days To Louis Mountbatten's Date of Death, the result is 07 09 1979, He was Aged 79 - 3 * 79. In the case of Princess Diana's Death (31 Aug 1997), You need 7 Days, to reach 07 09 1997 (Elizabeth I was born on 07 09 1533). Diana was Aged 36. If you were to add 11 Days to Princess Diana's Date of Death, you arrive at 11 September 1997, Four Years later on 11 September 2001 (numerous references to 7s within 911 Attack) the II Towers were destroyed.

Not Forgetting The 179s, 197s and 7 July in World War I History and the Murder of Franz Ferdinand (Aged 50) and Sophie Chotek (Aged 46) in 1914 as well as the ROMANovs - Czar Nicholas II of Russia (Aged 50), His Wife (Aged 46) and Children in 1918. More Details Below.

Before the destruction of the Twin Towers/II, the North Tower was targeted twice i.e. the North Tower 11th Floor Fire in 1975 (Four Years Later in 1979 Louis Mountbatten was killed) and the North Tower Basement Bombing in 1993 (Four Years Later in 1997 Princess Diana was killed).

Princess Diana's Car Crash took place in the ALMA Tunnel, of all possible places. Inside the AAs (of ALMA), are LM, the initials of Louis Mountbatten (British Royal Family). AA11 and AA77 (Total AA88) were used in 911. 1988 lies in the middle of 1979(LM) and 1997(Diana).

11 Years After John Paul II (Polish Pope) was Elected (1978) on 9 November 1989 - 09/11/1989 (or 09 09 as November Means Nine) The Berlin Wall Fell. Man Made Regime Change.....

33 + 11 (44) Formula Belongs To Who.....

Americans and Allies Are Seriously Mentally Disturbed and Extremely Sick
Applying Names & Numbers To Mass Scale Slaughter/Human Sacrifice
(The WWII Trinity / Trident In Action)

33 Days After 4 July 1945 (American Independence Day)
The LITTLE BOY Atomic Bomb was Dropped on 'HIRO'shima on Monday 6 August 1945.
3 Days Later on 9 August 1945, FAT MAN was detonated On 'NAG'asaki, Japan.

Little Boy Hiro Date Selection - Monday 6 August 1945 (Dy# 218/147)
-33 Days=Wed 4.07; +6²/36 Days=Tues 11.09; -9³/729 Days=Sun 8.08 (1943)

Fat Man Nag Date Selection - Thursday 9 August 1945 (Dy# 221/144)
+33 Days=Tues 11.09; -33 Days=Sat 7.07; +/125 Days =Wed 12.12; +/729Days =Fri 8.08 (1947); +10³/1,000 Days=Wed 5.05 (1948); -4³/64 Days=Wed 6.06; -6²/36 Days=Wed 4.07; -8²/64 Days=Wed 6.06;

A Japanese American, Minoru Yamasaki, Was Announced As The Lead Architect For the Twin Towers on 20 September 1962. 39 Years Later, Somewhat Symbolically, Kamikaze "Divine Wind" Destroyed The Twins.

Harry S.(Solomon/Shipp) Truman Became the 33rd US President on 12.04.1945, 116 days (or ↓911↓ Looking Down, for Moon/Sun Merchants) Before Little Boy and 119 days (↓611↓ Looking Down) Before Fat Man Slaughtered Over 200,000 People. Josef Stalin died (05.03.1953) 44 Days after Truman Ceased Being US President on 20.01.1953. 33rd Truman Died on 26.12.1972, Aged 88.

This is Not Sci-Fi/Godly Intervention or even a Beautiful Mind. It's 100% Man Made - Mass Scale Slaughter/Human Sacrifice.


Monarchies/Royalty and Numerical Dimensions (Including 7s) As Vehicles
Refer To This Post:
Memories ARE More Important Than Memorials - 7s in 7 July 2005 London Bombings

Number of Days From Queen Elizabeth's Birth (21 Apr 1926) To Her Marriage (20 Nov 1947) = 7883.
Number of Days From Princess Diana's Birth (1 Jul 1961) To Her Marriage (29 Jul 1981) = 7333.
Number of Days From Princess Diana's Day of Marriage (29 Jul) Until Her Death (31 Aug) = 33.

FYI Princess Diana Was Born In The Same Year JFK Declared (25 May 1961) To Congress The Goal of Landing A Man on the Moon (Apollo 11). 911 Days Later, JFK Was Shot Dead.

Number of Days From The 7 July (Dy#188/DyRem177) To Diana's Marriage/Death (Used By AQ 2005)
22 Days Until Her Marriage 29 Jul (Dy#210/DyRem155)
55 Days Until Her Death 31 Aug (Dy#243/DyRem122)

If you add 77 days to Queen Elizabeth's II Date of Birth: 21 April 1926, we arrive at 7 July 1926.

QEII's father, George VI tragically died too early, on 6 February (6.2) 1952 (Leap Year) and Elizabeth was proclaimed Queen Elizabeth II, at the age of 25. Her Coronation took place when she was 27 years old on 2 June (2.6) 1953 and her Silver Jubilee (25 Years) in 1977.

FYI Sandringham House Co-Ordinates Are: 52°49'47″N, 0°30′50″E

Why Was QEII Not Crowned/No Coronation When eliZabeth Was Aged 26... :( :( :( =ANger

George VI (6) Was Followed By Elizabeth II (2)

Examples - Selecting
Numbers For Their Dimensions

QEII Aged 25 in 1952

QEII Aged 27 in 1953

+44 to 1953 > 1997


+*62Ascend -*26Crown = *36
These Dates/Numbers Were Chosen For A Reason, By Who! :(
:( :( = ANger
II/20th Century (+13 years) - 1913-1926-1939-1952(53)-1965-1978(79)-1991
II/20th Century (+26 years) - 1926 - 1952QEII(53) - 1978JPII(79)
II/20th Century (+39 years) - 1939(WWII) - 1978(JPII - Polish Pope)

+62 Yrs to 1939 (Start of WWII) > 2001, Mass Scale Slaughter Again - 911 Twin Towers Destruction
(Larry Silverstein, Jewish Lease Holder of the Twins Organized Ample Insurance In Advance of the Destruction of the II ...Mirror of WWII....)

+62 Yrs to 1917 The Year The Battenbergs Changed Their Name To Mountbatten (Highly Significant Event) > 1979, The Year Louis Mountbatten Was Murdered By The IRA
+26 Yrs to 1953 > 1979

If you add 7³ (343) to Princess Diana's & Charles Day of Marriage, 29 July 1981, we arrive at 7 July 1982.

PICTURE: Princess Diana With Her Sons, William and Harry

Diana Knew and So Did Other People!
The (Deathly) 5s Set Up / VVV!
Princess Diana Married On 29 July 1981, -5²/25 Days From This Date = 4 July (04.07)
Princess Diana Divorced On 28 August 1996, -55 Days From This Date = 4 July (04.07)
Princess Diana Died on 31 August 1997, -55 Days From This Date = 7 July (07.07)
Princess Diana Divorced On 28 August 1996 -5³/125 From This Date =*25 April (25.04)

*Date/Numbers May Appear Meaningless To Some Readers. They are Connected to the Other 5s/V, The UN Terminal (in particular Americans, Russians and Brits) as well as Other People I Know including The Egyptian Fraternity.

If you add 977 days to Princess Diana's Date of Death (31 August 1997), You Arrive at 4 May 2000, the day James (Jean-Pierre) Andanson, the well known Journalist/Photographer Died/Was Suicided. He was originally identified as being present at Princess Diana's Scene of Death, in a White Fiat UNo.

Prince Charles planned to marry Camilla Parker Bowles on Friday 8 April 2005, 2,777 days after Princess Diana's Death on 31 August 1997. Due to John Paul's II Death on Saturday 2 April 2005 and his Funeral Mass being organized on 8 April 2005, Charles and Camilla changed their wedding date to Saturday 9 April 2005, 2,778 days after Diana's Death. JPII became pope in 1978.

Diana's Inquest Is a Lie.... History Will Be ReWritten...


AN UNABOMBER - Theodore Kaczynski (TK) - Born 22 May 1942 - A Borderline Gemini ♊

Ted K claimed that he "had to kill people" to get a message before the public that Technology Was Destroying Mankind. He was Right. This blog aptly demonstrates how various planes, buses, trains and even people have been used as vehicles to destroy the lives of thousands of innocent people, through internal and external remote technology.

There are a number of reasons why I would make reference to TK in this blog. Firstly, he targeted American Airlines and United Airlines, the same airlines used in 911. He also targeted aircraft fabrication at Boeing (Bow and Arrow).

TK was recognized as a Maths Genius, yet there has been No Publicity and Reference To Mathematical Calculations/Date Applications in TKs Bomb Targets/dates by Neurologists, Doctors and Psychologists as well as the Actual (Possibly Manipulated) Dates Of Discovery of Bombs e.g. The Boeing Bomb. If TK was pointing at the Very People Who were Arming Vehicles (Planes, Cars, Buses etc) and Revealing the Numbering (& Even Possibly Name) Systems, used By These People to Kill Thousands of Innocent People, it was in Their Interest to LISTEN and LEARN, to Prevent Future Deaths and Save Lives.

Publicity has also been Absent in Presenting the Numerical Dimensions (Communication Devices) within 911, 113, 77 and 117 (Planes, Trains and Buses) AS WELL. For those who have not read my previous posts, here are two basic examples from 911.

NUMBER 7 appears throughout 9/11
American Airlines and United Airlines PILOTED 7Sevens

(2) + AA77(5) = AA88 (16 / 7)
(4) + UA93(3) = UA268 (16 / 7)
911 The Buildings Hit
Equal 7 = Twins(11 / 2) + Pentagon(5)

Prior to 11 09 2001, the Pentagon contained 11(10+1) sections. As a result of 911, one section was destroyed, leaving 10 sections(9+1). Destruction of another II/11s in 911. Who Created These Pairs/Twins and Who Is Now Destroying Them?! Why are II/11 involved in the deaths of so many innocent people in the 20th century?

911 (Internal) Numbering Was Obviously Planned and 100% Intentional. Further Numerical Dimensions From 911, 113, 77 Are Presented At The End of This Post and in other posts in this blog.

Lets Put The JUDGES' Profiles, Their (& Your) COMPUTER MODELS and Their Historical KNOWLEDGE (Proof) OF HISTORY/PEOPLE In a Public Court Of Law, For The Whole World To See.... All Nuclear States including Israel; The Almighty United Nations, The Brotherhood/International Freemasons Network, Monarchies/Royalty, Religions including the Vatican, Mormons and Muslims; All Banks including Crime Commission Tax Havens; Oil, Airlines & Car Companies, etc.

We will CHECK, ALL Of These JUDGES Have Not BUGGERED, The Facts/Dates/Numbers in Their Computer Models.... We Will Do More Than A Financial and Legal/Human Rights Audit....Try To Block Legal Action and Prevent Delivering Your Computer Models For EVERYONE To See, And It Will Lead To Your Guaranteed Self Incrimination/Destruction/Reprisals


A Brief Summary Of Theodore Kaczynski's Education/Employment
Intentionally Hide/Write Off A Person's Factual Profile And Be Damned

Start By Checking/Registering The Most Elementary! The Initials
Let Some Vocalize - Bleeding Irrelevant! :(.....Obvious:)
Use a Simple 11/Twins Cipher Key (See Below): TJK = 9-10-11 or simply TK = 9-11, BM=2-2 (e.g. Barry Mannakee Killed in May, 1987), etc

TK was accepted as a student at Harvard, beginning in the fall of 1958, aged 16. He completed his undergraduate degree in Mathematics, graduating in June 1962, aged 20. His first year of graduate study was at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, in the fall of 1962. He completed his Masters in 1964 and his 1967, aged 25. Following graduation, he was employed as an Assistant Professor in the Math Department at the University of California at Berkeley (UCB), from 16 July 1967 through 30 June 1969. Following his resignation, he returned to live with his parents in Lombard, Illinois. From late 1972 until December 1973, Mr. Kaczynski worked at a variety of jobs in Chicago and Salt Lake City, Utah. In September 1974, for two to three weeks, he worked at a gas station in Montana. In January 1975 he traveled to Oakland, California. In May 1978, TK returned to Chicago in search of work and obtained employment at Foam Cutting Engineers, where his father and brother were employed. He continued in that job for about a month, until he was fired.

TK Bombings - Simple Points To Emphasize
  • A Postal Bomb Is Unlikely To Arrive On a Specific Date Whereas A Hand Delivered Bomb Will, indicating the Hand Delivered Date may well be highly significant.
  • In some cases, the bombings appeared in pairs and are connected. e.g. Bomb #11 & 12, Sacremento
  • In some cases TK appears to give advance Cryptic Warnings of Future Attacks. e.g. Connected Names, To/ From Locations Same
  • Ted has claimed FC stands for Freedom Club. FC(63) - 6th and 3rd Letters of the Alphabet. President FORD(#38)/CARTer(#39) were in power from 1974 - 1981. Both Presidents names refer to vehicles, which can be manipulated through internal or remote technology.
Interestingly Enough, President Ford was the subject of Two Assassination Attempts (froMMe on 5 September 1975 in Sacremento Capitol Park & mOOre (Khan) on 22 September 1975 outside the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco), THE ONLY ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS EVER, BY FEMALES against an American President, who was in fact born with the name LESLIE LYNCH KING! So the King from Ford and after the Earl in President Carter are a somewhat memorable duo in 1"977"...

And What Role Did Cars/Engines/Henry fORd Play Before, During World War II? This Post Provides An Introduction:
7Nazi Germany - WWII By International Design - The Economy & Foreign Investors
  • TK used some fictitious names, some clearly of German Origin, suggesting they were picked for their imagery/meaning/significance.
  • There are many countries and people globally Who Will Pay A High Price For Technology, which can override the controls of vehicles including land, sea and air. Who is Renting/Selling?!
  • Key Words, Themes and Names Repeat Themselves throughout TK's Bombings.
Note Well: I Have Intentionally Excluded Some of My Observations/Findings, From This Post.

TK Delivered 7 Bombs By Hand (1, 2, 5, 7, 9, 11 & 12)
TK Delivered 9 Bombs By Mail (3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15 & 16)

Bomb #1 / I
– Hand Delivered 25 May 1978 (25/05/1978) - Exploded 26 May 1978 (26/05/1978) (Anon)

HAND DELIVERED: CAR Park by Science and Engineering Building, University of Illinois (UIC), Chicago Circle Campus
TO: E.J. Smith, (Biomedical Engineering), Rensssalaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), 110 Eighth Street, Troy, New York.
FROM: Buck-ley Crist, Materials Engineer Prof, at Northwestern University (NWU), Evanston, Illinois.

  • One Year Later, on 25 May 1979 American Airlines Flight 191 – From Chicago, Illinois ORD > Los Angeles LAX crashed on take-off. It remains the deadliest single airliner accident on U.S. soil.
  • On 25 May 1961 (Troy) Apollo II Program: U.S. President John F. Kennedy Announced before a special joint session of Congress his goal to initiate a project to put a "Man on the Moon" before the end of the decade. 911 Days Later, President JFK Was Killed (22 November 1963). JFK is the only Catholic US President To Date. His Russian/CUBan Partner, Nikita Khrushchev died on 11 September 1971.
  • Smith is a Very Common Surname. E J = Eject? Another E J Smith existed in New York. He was a Computer Science Professor and based at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Microwave Research Institute.
  • J Smith (Joseph Smith - The Founder of The Mormons) may have some relevance to future bombings e.g. Attack # 5, #6, #10, #12 are all connected with the Mormons State, Utah and Salt Lake City.
  • Buck-Ley Crist in possible reference to So Many People giving money to religions and JFK's Contradiction By Planning To Go To The Moon. Why UN Ban Ki-Moon?!
  • Regardless of Publicized (Religious) Beliefs and Rituals of Many, We Need to Know The Private Beliefs, Actual Rituals and Real Practices. Some People May Well Be Deeply Shocked/Horrified When They Learn The Truth/Reality.
  • TK Is A Man of the Nature, Sea And Sky..... Who Might Follow TK with Their Mechanical Versions of Birds/Vehicles/Horses.... With Essential Modern Day Greece/Oil, Worship

From September 1978 until March 1979, TK was employed by Prince Castle.

Bomb #2 / II
Hand Delivered: 9 May 1979 (09/05/1979 (Anon)

HAND DELIVERED: Room 2424 of the Technical Building of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Bomb in a cigar “Phillies” box on a table in common area.

  • Phillies, were originally made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company entered the premium, hand made cigar business in the 1960s through the formation of Cuban Cigar Brands in the Canary Islands.
  • 179 Days After TK Bomb #2 The Iran Hostage Crisis Started (4 November 1979)
  • 971 Days After TK Bomb #1 Exploded (25 May 1978), The Iran Hostage Crisis Ended (20 January 1981). President Carter Transferred Power to Reagan on This Day.
  • The Former Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, died in Egypt on 27 July 1980, 444/445 Days After This Bomb, depending upon the Actual Date of Death. Refer to TK Bomb #3 AA444 For The Duration of Iran Hostage Crisis
  • Louis Mountbatten (Prince Phillip's & The Duke of Edinburgh Uncle) was killed by the IRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army - Catholic Terrorist Group). 110 Days After TK Bomb #2 on 27 August 1979. Add 11 to the Date of Louis Death > 07 09 1979 - Louis Was Aged 79 (3 x 79). Louis Initials are Roman Numerals - L=50 M=1000. What was the Real Motive for Killing Louis, IRA?!
  • IRA.... IRAn and IRAq War 1980-1988 (IRAq invaded IRAn on 22 September 1980. The USA Supported IRAq!), IsRAel, etc
  • Then There are Examples of Names Such As : IRA Levin (Jewish Name) Author of Rosemary's Baby (Published 12 March 1967) and Roman Polanski's Film (Released 12 June 1968), Followed By The Murder of Roman Polanski's Pregnant Wife, Sharon Tate on 08/09 Aug 1969. ....?An Accurate Portrayal of The Transfer of Religious Fiction Driven By Financial Profiteering Over The Centuries.... Inciting Murder and Anger When Blatant Lies Misrepresent Reality?...
179 - 197 - 7 July Etc Of Some Relevance in World War I History
  • Four Years later on 16 July 1918* (Dy#197/DyR168) or 17 July 1918* (Dy#198/DyR167), Czar Nicholas II of Russia (Aged 50), His Wife (Aged 46) and Children (House of ROMANov) were Murdered. *Dates Vary, similar to Stalin's Birth Date. Which Foreigners Really Needed the Development of Russia's (Primitive) Infrastructure, Besides Karl Marx!
  • 28 June to 16/17 July, Mid Point is 7 July (Dy#188/DyR177). Based on 1914 & 1918, the Mid Point is 6 July 1916 (Dy#188/DyR178)* or 7 July 1916 (Dy#189/DyR177)*. 1916 Was a Leap Year
  • In 1979 Amateur Archaeologist Alexander Avdonin discovered the bodies of Czar Nicholas II, Czarina Alexandra, three of their daughters, and four non-family members near Yekaterinburg.

  • A Simple 11 (Pairs/Twins/Unions) Cipher Key With Possible Applications:

    A (1)

    B (2)

    C (3)

    D (4)

    E (5)

    F (6)

    G (7)

    H (8)

    I (9)

    J (10)

    K (11)

    L (12)

    M (13)

    N (14)

    O (15)

    P (16)

    Q (17)

    R (18)

    S (19)

    T (20)

    U (21)

    V (22)

    W (23)

    X (24)

    Y (25)

    Z (26)












  • e.g. II Cipher Key – Why IRA - 971, IAR - 917, AIR - 197, ARI - 179, RIA - 791, RAI – 719, eg H-IRA-M, P-ARI-S, etc
  • e.g. Pairs North/South Korea & North/South Vietnam - Installed/Driven By West V East Political Opponents – Created North & South Adversaries
  • e.g. The British National Archives have applied a logical coding system to departmental files, except for the Records of the Security Service (1905-1953) : KV (In 1905 George V was not King)
  • e.g. Do you Remember from your childhood, the childish references to the Ks? The KKK (Klu Klux Klan, With A Value Of 33) on Marlboro Cigarette Packets, Khrushchev (Died 11.09.1971) and Kennedy (Died 22.11.1963) from the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, etc.
  • Theodore Kaczynski Initials - A Borderline Gemini ♊ - TK = 911.
  • Princess Diana's Car Crash took place in the ALMA Tunnel, of all possible places, in 1997! A-LM-A = 1-1-2-1 based on this cipher. Inside the AAs (from ALMA) are LM, the initials of Louis Mountbatten (British Royal Family), who was killed in 1979, on his yacht, Shadow V. AAs are also prevalent in 911.
  • Based on this cipher, 911 Airlines: AA=11 and UA=101. More II/Twins/Couples/Unions in 911
  • 11 Sep 2001 - Sep is the 9th Month but Means 7th and was the 7th Month in Historical Calendars, therefore Sept can be viewed as (9/7), Oct (10/8), Nov (11/9), Dec (12/10), Mar (3/1), April (4/2), May (5/3), June (6/4), July (7/5), August (8/6).
  • In 1752 Great Britain and the US adopted the GRegorian Calendar (Named After Catholic Pope GRegory XIII) and Removed 11 Days:( from the month of September (Wed 2 Sep 1752 was followed by Thur 14 Sep 1752). Prior to this Change the JUlian/Old Style Calendar (introduced By JUlius Caesar) was utilized. Today there are 303 Ordinary Years and 97 Leap Years in a 400 Year Period.
  • Roman Numerals Are Underlined – I(1) V(5) X(10) L(50) C(100) D(500) M(1000)
  • Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado (B 17 April 1919 – D 23 June 1983) was the 21st President of Cuba from 17 July1959 until 2 December 1976. During the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, Dorticós gave a speech at the United Nations in which he announced that Cuba possessed nuclear weapons. 888 Days After Osvaldo ceased being President of Cuba in 1976, TK placed Bomb #2.
  • 9 May 1941 – World War II: The German Submarine U-110 was captured by the Royal Navy. On board was the latest Enigma cryptography machine which Allied cryptographers later use to break coded German messages.
  • 9 May 1949 – Rainier III of Monaco becomes Prince of Monaco. 33 Years Later...... Sadly, his Wife (Grace Kelly) Was Killed in a Car Accident (1982).
  • Alphabets comprised of 22 Characters

Bomb #3 / III
Publicized Post Mark: 14 November 1979 (14/11/1979) Dy#318/R47
Arrived: 15 November 1979 (15/11/1979
) (Anon)
WHERE: American Airlines 444 – From Chicago, Illinois, (ORD) to Washington (DCA). An altitude-sensitive bomb mailed from Chicago to Washington D.C was identified as the cause. It started smoking inside the American Airlines flight and forced an emergency landing at Dulles International Airport (IAD).

  • AA444(666) From PPM: Total of 7,972 Days To 11 September 2001; From Swiss Air (JFK to UN, Geneva) 111(999) +1,105 Days to 11 September 2001 and 2,500 Days to 7 July 2005 London Bombings. Repeat Pattern of 2+5, like the Twin Towers & Pentagon, a 5 Sided Building. 111 Days Before The SR111 Crash, A Gold Cap Was Placed on Ramses II Obelisk in Paris. Throwing Human Sacrifices and Gold to Their Gods......
  • 79 Days Before Post Mark Date Of Bomb (14/11/1979), Louis Mountbatten Was Killed
  • Refer Bomb #1 (25 May 1978) - On 25 May 1979, one year later, American Airlines Flight 191 – ORD Chicago, Illinois > LAX Los Angeles crashed on take-off. It remains the deadliest single airliner accident on U.S. Soil. If you Subtract 191 Days (The Flight Number) from the date of the AA191 crash - 25 May 1979, you arrive at 15 November 1978, one year before TK AA444.
  • November is the 11th Month but means 9th: 15/11/79 and 15/09/1979
  • The Iran Hostage Crisis Started on 4 November 1979 (04/11/1979). 11 Days Later TK Bomb #3 on American Airlines AA444 occurred. 433 Days Later The Crisis Ended. The Iranian Hostage Crisis was 444 Days in Total.
  • Visual - Chi-CaGo (Chi-Cage-Go), Pronunciation - She-Cargo/Car-Go

TK FOREWARNED 11 September 2001 ?!
  • TK Bomb #3 on AA444 was on 15 Nov 1979. Add 7971 Days and you arrive at 11 09 2001 - Ninth(9) Month but Means 7th Month. The 7s, 9s & 1s yet again
  • 11 September 2001 - Add 11 Years or 4,119 Days (49 is 7² Squared/Box) to this date and you arrive at 21 Dec 2012 (21st Century) - The End of The Great Maya Cycle! The Greatest Number of TK Bombs (Five) were Planted in the Month of May (5th Month), which also happens to be the month of TK's Birth (22.05.1942) and the Only Month in which a US President Has Never Died In. Not Forgetting 21.12, is of relevance to The Lock-erbie Bombing on 21 Dec 1988.

Bomb #4 / IV
Publicized Post Mark: 3 June 1980 (03/06/1980 Dy#155/211)
Arrived: 10 June 1980 (FC)

TO: HOME of Percy Wood, (President of United Airlines), Lake Forest, Chicago, Illinois –
Bomb inside A Hollowed Out Book of "Ice Brothers" by Sloan Wilson.
FROM: Enoch W. FISCHer (Fictitious Person), 3414 Ravenswood Street, Chicago IL 60657.

  • Home Address perhaps relating to Private Activities Of Target Above Professional.
  • Percy Wood became president of United Airlines in 1978, taking over the post from Richard J. Ferris.
  • A few days before 10 June 1980, Percy Wood, President of United Airlines, received a type-written letter via U.S. Mail at his home address from an Enoch W. Fischer. The letter stated that Fischer was taking the liberty of sending, under separate cover, a book which he indicated had great social significance. The parcel arrived on 9 June 1980 but was not opened by Wood until the 10 June 1980.
  • The novel The Ice Brothers is loosely based on Sloan Wilson's experiences in Greenland while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. Ice Brothers Reflecting The North and South POLes (Pairs of a Kind)
  • Percy as in Purse See/Money
  • 10 June 1967 – Six-Day War ends: Israel and Syria agree to a cease-fire. (Enoch)
  • Enoch - Founded Zion & Fischer - German Catch... Ravens Might Portray Flying Black Birds even Planes.....
  • Ravens Are Sacred Creatures for some people and their beliefs systems. Both Ravens (Sky) and Cats (Earth) have historical significance and they have demonstrated to human beings to be the most communicative, the most agile with a diverse range of skills, and the most willing to interact with human beings. Nothing Sinister, Except Superstitions and Intolerance towards Nature and its Colour. Those Seeking A (Corrupt) Power Edge over Others, Might Consider These Animals To Be Useful Tools/Symbols.

Bomb #5 / V
Hand Delivered: 8 October 1981 (08/10/1981 or
08/08/1981) (FC)
HAND DELIVERED: Third floor hallway in Milton Bennion Hall Business Building, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • 8 8 (The 10th Month but Oct Still Means 8) 1981
  • 8 is a significant number for Mormons. The Headquarters of the Mormons is Salt Lake City, Utah. This is the age at which Children are baptized. This number can also be viewed as 8=33=6.
  • 133 Years Before This Date: According to the Deseret News – 20 Sep 1890, A Mormon Temple in Nauvoo was burned down on Sunday 8 - Monday 9 October 1848. Today Brigham Young University uses the 9th of October. On 27 May 1850 this temple was then struck by a tornado.
  • The significance of 8s in the date and the selected target can not be ignored. When 8 is Split in half, it becomes 33, a number of importance to various groups including Freemasons, which Mormons are aligned with as well as Religions.
  • Salt was an international currency and it was an important trading commodity carried by explorers. Greece was involved in a far-reaching slave trade and exchanged salt for slaves, giving rise to the expression, “not worth his salt.” In Roman society, salt was used as currency, and the special salt rations given to Roman soldiers with their wages, were known as salarium argentum, the term from which the word “salary” is derived. The salt mines of POLand (TK Background/History) led to a vast kingdom in the 1500s, only to be destroyed when Germans brought sea salt (often, to most of the world, considered 'superior' to rock salt). The Wieliczka Salt Mine (UNESCO World Heritage Site) in Poland is World Famous.
  • Joseph Smith, the Founder of the Mormon Church was a recognized Treasure Hunter/Fortune Teller. The Headquarters of the Mormon Church is in Salt Lake City. The Surname of the 5th Mormon President was SNOW! To melt snow, you often use Salt.

Bomb #6 / VI
Publicized Post Mark: 23 April 1982 (23/04/1982 Dy#113/252)
Opened: 5 May 1982 (05/05/1982) (FC)

TO: Professor Patrick C. FISCHer, Pennsylvania State University (PSU), and then forwarded to Fischer, Head of Computer Science Department, at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennesee.
FROM: (Real Name/Person) LeRoy Wood BEARnson, an Engineering Professor at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He was also at Auburn, Alabama.

  • Pa-trick is a Irish Catholic Name.
  • Vanderbilt - Railroad magnate William H. Vanderbilt financed the moving of the Pharaoh Tuthmosis III, "Cleopatra's Needle"Obelisk from Alexandria, Egypt to Central Park, New York, USA. The New York obelisk was erected in Central Park on 22 February 1881 (22 02 1881). Both The New York and London Obelisks were originally erected on the orders of Thutmosis III in Egypt and inscriptions were added about 200 years later by Ramesses II. The second Pharaoh Tuthmosis III Obelisk, "Cleopatra's Needle", can be found on Victoria Embankment, London, UK. The London obelisk was erected on 12 September 1878 (12 09 1878). More Information on Both Ancient and Modern Obelisks Throughout The World, can be found Here. Obelisks, Egyptian Papyrus & Mummies were also of importance to The Mormons and Their Founder, Joseph Smith. Salt Lake City was targeted by TK for bombing and identified in some Return Addresses.

Bomb #7 / VII
Hand Delivered: 2 July 1982 (02/07/1982 Dy#183/182) (Anon)

HAND DELIVERED: Room 411 of the Cory Hall Mathematics Building on the University of California, Berkeley campus. The Device was an odd looking package, left on the floor. TK left a note saying, "Wu It works! I told you it would. R.V."

  • "Wu It works! I told you it would. R.V." Connection to A Person/Asia. R.s.V.p., R V > Are - 5 Roman Numeral V = 5(Pentagon), with a possible connection to previous dates/numbers used. TK Bomb #6 on 05 05 1982.
  • 111 years before on 2 July 1871 – Victor Emmanuel II of Italy enters Rome after its conquest from the Papal States.

Bomb #8 / VIII
Publicized Post Mark: Wed 8 May 1985 (08/05/1985 Dy#128/237)
Found 36 Days Later!
Thu 13 June 1985 (13/06/1985) (FC*)
TO: Boeing Aircraft Building 17-04, Fabrication Division, Auburn, Washington
FROM: (Fictitious) Weiburg Tool and Supply (Fictitious), 10 Hagenberger Ct, Oakland, California. Postmarked 8 May 1985
Source: Spokane Chronicle – 13 June 1985 / The Spokesman – 14 June 1985

  • TK Bomb #8 however #9 in list of Arrival/Discovery Dates
  • B=8; Boeing as in Bow (Aircraft) and Arrow and Their Fabrication Division was Targeted
  • German References - Weiburg & Hagenberger. Given TK Polish Roots, He May Well Have Referred to WWII/Luftwaffe/Germany. Many Sadistic Experiments were carried out on Humans during WWII for the benefit of the German Luftwaffe (Air Force). Refer To This Post: 5NAZI GERMANY - THE DOCTORS & MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS, for PUBLICLY DISCLOSED Experiments, From This Era. The results of research and experiments and even some German Scientists moved to Allied Countries after the war, demonstrating WWII Research and Results, were of Benefit to the Allies.
  • Au-Burn!
  • TK Journal Trial Transcript (22 Jan 1998 > 3843-1) Experiment 82. The Experiment 82 was located among the defendant's effects in the cabin, and the defendant indeed describes assembling the Boeing bomb between February and April 1985 but states, "Result unknown." In a later passage, however, the defendant records, quote, "Now," parentheses, "(1993), I know that this device was discovered and disassembled before the triggers were released."
  • The Delay Between The Post Mark (8 May 1985) and Publicized Opening (13 Jun 1985) - 36 Days. Bizarre to see Business Mail/Parcels even without an Employee's Name, being ignored, for so long. Using the date 13 June 1985 for numerical analysis, delivers some interesting (suspicious) intentional 911 results.

Bomb #9 / IX
Hand Delivered: 15 May 1985 (15/05/1985) (FC)

HAND DELIVERED: Three-ring binder affixed to a plastic file box, left on a table located in Room 264 of the Cory Hall Computer Science Building, University of California, Berkeley.

  • Perhaps Inferring A Large File Of (Mathematical Computer Evidence) has been prepared (Already?!).
  • TK Journal Trial Transcript (22 Jan 1998 > 3839- 19) "Success at last after many failures reported in these notes. Took me year and a half of intensive effort, largely neglecting other work to develop effective type bomb . . . May 8 I planted a small bomb in the computer science department at Berkeley. This is apparatus number 2, Experiment 83, in my notebooks. At same time I mailed a larger bomb to Boeing Corporation, Auburn, Washington."

Bomb #10 / X
Publicized Post Mark: 12 November 1985 (12/11/1985 Day#316/49)
Arrived: 15 November 1985 – (FC)

WHERE: HOME: James V McConnell, (Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan), Ann Arbor, Michigan.
FROM: "Ralph C. Kloppenburg." a Ph.D. candidate, Department of History, University of Utah, SLC. The letter stated that Kloppenburg wanted McConnell to review his thesis, contained in the enclosed parcel, with special attention to Chapters 11 and 12.

  • The next two bombs were #11 and #12 and they were both focused on Computer Stores, which would tie into the Chapter 11 and 12 reference. Both bombs were hand delivered indicating the dates may well be meaningful.
  • German References - Kloppenburg
  • TK Journal Trial Transcript (22 Jan 1998 > 3844-5) "Experiment 100. Mid-November 1985 I sent bomb in mail to James V. McConnell, behavior modification researcher at University of Michigan. Only minor injuries to McConnell's assistant. Deflagrated, did not detonate. Must be either pipe was a little weak or loading density of explosives a shade too high at failure."

Bomb #11 / XI
Hand Delivered: 11 December 1985 (11/12/1985 Dy#345/20) (FC)

HAND DELIVERED: Device left outside the rear door of RENTech, computer rental store in Howe Avenue, Nr Arden, SACREMENTO, CA.


  • The Bomb # and Date are both 11s.
  • RENT TECH 11/II Sacrement. Given that religions have not delivered repeat and ongoing evidence to believers and non-believers alike globally over many centuries, some people may well be pursuing advanced technology, to impersonate a higher being.
  • TK Journal Trial Transcripts (22 Jan 1998 > 3815-18) "Experiment 97, December 11, 1985" -- which was the date that the Scrutton device was detonated -- "I planted a bomb disguised to look like a scrap of lumber between Rentech Computer store in Sacramento. According to the Sacramento Bee, December 20th, the operator of the store was killed,quote unquote, blown to bits, on December 12th. Excellent. Humane way to eliminate somebody. He probably never felt a thing. $25,000 reward offered. Rather flattering." The Government located a number of experiments in TK's cabin search, totaling up to 245 experiments.

Bomb #12 / XII
Hand Delivered: 20 February 1987 (20/02/1987 Day#51/314) (FC)

HAND DELIVERED: Parking lot of CAAM Inc. a small computer store in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A witness in the SALT LAKE CITY computer store saw a man in a hooded sweat shirt and aviator sunglasses, placing a bomb.

  • Roman Numerals - I-1, V-5, X-10, L-50, C-100, D-500, M-1000
  • CAAM - Yet again AA. Both C and M are Roman Numerals C=100 and M = 1000. A is the First letter of the Alphabet and when flipped 180 degrees, becomes VV. V in Roman Numerals Represents 5. Some examples of visual interpretations e.g.100-1-1-1000, 1-1-1-1, 100-5-5-1000, 1-5-5-1, etc
  • Bomb #3 Contains an Obvious AA reference (American Airlines)
  • CIIM (1977) - Many People will remember the Tenerife Ground Collision between Pan AM 1736 (17/8) From LAX Via JFK To LPA and KLM 4805 (17/8) From AMS To LPA, in Los Rodeos Tenerife (TFN) Airport on 27 March 1977. Both planes were diverted to TFN as a result of the bombing of a florist shop at Las Palmas Airport (LPA) by the CIIM. 583 People were tragically killed, as a consequence of two flights colliding on the ground in TFN. The CIIM was started by Antonio Cubillo in 1964 and based in Algeria. On the 5 April 1978 Antonio Cubillo was the target of assassination (handicapped for life), by the Francoist Spanish Secret Service. (Francisco Franco died on 20 Nov 1975 - Who helped Install/Aided Franco!)
  • TK Journal Court Transcript (22 Jan 1998 > 3845-23) In Experiment 121 the defendant describes constructing a bomb in November 25 and December of 1986 and January of 1987. According to the notes contained in that experiment, the bomb was completed on February 8th, 1987. And then another passage concludes as follows: "The device was placed February 20th and worked the same day; it exploded and probably detonated but the results -- as far as we could find out -- did not enough to satisfy us."


LETTER Sent To New York Times, Mr. Warren Hoge, Assistant Managing Editor for the New York Times. Received On 24 June 1993. Postmarked Sacramento. The writer of the letter provided "an identifying number that will ensure the authenticity of any future communication from us...". The number, 553-25-4394, was provided in a format similar to a Social Security Account Number.


Bomb #13 and #14 (XIII & XIV) Were Publicized As Being Sent on
(18 June 1993 - 18/06/1993 Dy#169/196)
from Sacremento, California

Bomb #13 and #14 - Return addresses contained Double Letters which can be Converted into Numerals - HILL/hill (77 or 11) and LEE/lee (33), when flipped 180 degrees - hi77 or hi11 and l33.


Roman Polanski - A Mini Case Study
An Isolated Incident or Are There Numerous Historical Examples Demonstrating Decision Making and Their Actual Influence! Why Take So Long To Arrest Roman Polanski?

When 18 June 1993 (Dy#169/196) is the Middle Day Between A Crime and Eventual Arrest
1. Roman Polanski Committed Rape On 10 March 1977 (Dy#69/296), Aged 43.
2. Roman Polanski Was Arrested in Zurich, Switzerland On 26 September 2009 (Dy#269/96), Aged 76.
3. From The Rape Date Until The Arrest, There is a Total of 11,888 Days, Half Way is 5,944.
4. After 69 Days, Roman Polanski Was Released To House Arrest on 4 December 2009 (Dy#338/27)
5. 96 Days After House Arrest, We Arrive At 10 March 2010 (Dy#69/296), Exactly 33 Years After The Rape Was Committed. On 18 August 2010, Roman Polanski Will Be Aged 77.


According to the TK Journal Trial Transcripts (22 Jan 1998 > 3818-10), TK's Experiment 225 reflects the construction of Bombs #13 & 14.

Bomb #13 / XIII - Arrived: 22 June 1993 (22/06/1993) (Anon)
WHERE: HOME Of Dr. Charles Joseph Epstein, in Tiburon, California. Professor at the University of California, San Francisco, Medical School, A Geneticist and Professor of Pediatrics.
FROM: (Real Person) James HILL, Chairman of the Chemistry Department at California State University, Sacremento.


  • The surname Epstein is one of the oldest Jewish family names in Slavic countries.
  • The Focus on the Home Address might relate to Private Activities Of Target Above Professional.
  • HILL/HI77, hill/yill, HI77/hi11, etc. L as a Roman Numeral is 50 therefore LL=5050. At the beginning of this post I have provided some examples of 77 in action. 911 Flight AA77 Hit the Pentagon (5 Sided Building).
  • The classical Tibur, is an ancient Italian town in Lazio, about 30 km from Rome.
  • Tiberias is a city on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, Lower Galilee, Israel. It was named in honour of the emperor Tiberius. Since the 16 century, Tiberias has been considered one of Judaism's Four Holy Cities, along with Jerusalem, Hebron and Safed.
  • Char-les

Bomb #14 / XIV - Arrived: 24 June 1993 (24/06/1993) (Anon)
TO: OFFICE of David Hillel Gelernter, Professor of Computer Science, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.
FROM: (Real Person) Mary Jane LEE, a Computer Science Professor at California State University, Sacremento, California

  • New (Knew) Haven, Connecticut - David Gelernter (Born **.**.1955) has a brother Dr. Joel. Gelernter. He is a Yale psychiatrist/behavioural scientist, whose field of speciality is genetics.
  • Both David and Joel Are Jewish. David Gelernter, had studied to become a rabbi but is best known for inventing an innovative computer programming language he named Linda, after the pornography star Linda Lovelace.
  • LEE/L33 - Return Address Name/Number - 33 (as a Year or Age) is often identified as playing a role in Jesus' Death. History has generally assigned the responsibility for Jesus' death to either: The Roman-appointed government of the Roman province of Iudaea (Judaea in English) and/or The Jewish leadership in Jerusalem at the time. If Jesus Christ were to represent 33, 77 could represent who killed him, ie Rome/Judaea.
  • On 24 April 1995, Dr. David Gelernter, received a letter from "FC". The letter was postmarked in Oakland, California with the date of 20 April 1995. It was addressed to Gelernter at the Department of Computer Science, Yale University. The return address was "Ninth St. and Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20535", the address of the F.B.I. Headquarters building. The letter, stated in part, that..."there are a lot of people out there who resent bitterly the way "echo-nerds like you are changing the world and you wouldn't have been dumb enough to open an unexpected package from an unknown source". The letter continues, discussing the contribution of computers to "invasion of privacy, ... genetic engineering, ... (and) environmental degradation through economic growth".


Bomb #15 / XV
Publicized Post Mark: 3 December 1994 (03/12/1994 Dy#337/28)
Arrived: 10 December 1994 (Anon)

TO: HOME of Thomas J. Mosser at 15 Aspen Drive, North Caldwell, New Jersey. The executive vice president at Young & Rubicam, the giant worldwide advertising and communications company based in New York. Prior to This Position Mr. Mosser spent almost a quarter century at Burson-Marsteller, Y.& R.'s wholly owned public relations subsidiary.
FROM: (Fictitious Name) H. C. Wickel, Department of Economics, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California 94132. Postmark: 3 December 1994


Wick, Rubic, Bur-son, C-ldWell
Trial Transcript (22 Jan 1998 - 3822-17) In Experiment 244 which was found in the defendant's cabin, the defendant describes constructing the Mosser bomb over a period of approximately five months, completing the device on or about October 14th, 1994. The experiment concludes, quote, "The device in Experiment 244 was used in December 1994, and it gave a totally satisfactory result."


4 LETTERS Postmarked 20 April 1995

Sent to
Dr. David Hillel Gelernter (Born 1955), Department of Computer Science, Yale University, Received on 24 April 1995, Postmarked Oakland, California. Publicized Return Address: FBI HQ Building, "Ninth St. and Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20535".
Dr. Phillip Allen Sharp (Born 6 Jun 1944), Biology Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts. Received on 24 April 1995, Postmarked Oakland, California. Publicized Return Address: Manfred Morari, 2735 Ardmore Road, San Marino, California 91108-1768. 1993 NOBEL Prize Winner in Medicine With Dr Roberts
Dr. Richard John Roberts (Born 6 Sep 1943), New England Biolabs, Beverly, Massachusetts 01915. Received 24 April 1995. Postmarked Oakland, California. No Publicized Return Address. 1993 NOBEL Prize Winner in Medicine With Dr Sharp
Mr. Warren
McClamroch Hoge, Assistant Managing Editor for the New York Times, Received 24 April 1995. Postmarked Oakland, California. No Publicized Return Address.


Bomb #16 / XVI
Publicized Post Mark: 20 April 1995 (20/04/1995 Dy#110/255)
Arrived: 24 April 1995 (Anon)

TO: (Former President) William Dennison, Timber Association of California, 1311 I Street, Sacramento, California. The Timber Association of California however, had changed its name to the California Forestry Association, several years earlier, but had retained the same Sacramento address. The new President was Gilbert P Murray.
FROM: Closet Dimensions, Oakland, California

Close-t Dimensions. It was the Last/Final Attack By TK before he was identified/caught!
Trial Transcript (22 Jan 1998 > 3821-14) Experiment 245 -- that was a partial experiment which chronicles the construction of the Murray device.


6 LETTERS - Postmarked 24 June 1995

Mr. Jerry Roberts, Editorial Page Editor, San Francisco Chronicle, 901 Mission Street, San Francisco, California, 94103. Opened 27 June 1995 Postmarked San Francisco, California. Return Address:
Fredrick Benjamin Isaac Wood, 549 Wood Street, Woodlake, California 93286.
Mr. Warren Hoge, Assistant Managing Editor for the New York Times, Opened 28 June 1995, Postmarked San Francisco, California. Return Address: Calgene Inc., 1920 5th Street, Davis, California 95616.
Mr. Michael Getler, Deputy Managing Editor, Washington Post, Opened 27 June 1995, Postmarked San Francisco, California
Mr. Bob Guccione, Penthouse Magazine, Opened 29 June 1995, Postmark San Francisco, California. The letter had a return address
Scientific American, Opened 28 Jun 1995
Dr. Tom Tyler, Social Psychology Group, University of California, Berkeley, Opened 30 Jun 1995, Postmarked San Francisco, California. The letter had a return address

TK was Born on the 22 May 1942

1st New York Times Letter -
Assumed Post Mark 18 June 1993(1A) / Arrival 24 June 1993(1B)
18 June 1993 +671 Dys = 20 April 1995 / Mid Point 335.5 Dys > 19 May 1994
24 June 1993 +665 Dys = 20 April 1995 / Mid Point 332.5 Dys > 22 May 1994 (TK's Birthday, Aged 52)

2nd New York Times Letter + 3 Other Recipients
(2) - Post Mark 20 April 1995
20 April 1995 +65 Dys = 24 June 1995 / Mid Point 32.5 Dys > 22 May 1995 (TK's Birthday, Aged 53)

24 June 1995
3rd New York Times Letter + 5 Other Recipients
(3) - Post Mark 24 June 1995

(1A) Court Transcript 22 Jan 1998 "On or about June 18, 1993, the defendant mailed those devices. One was mailed to Dr. Charles Epstein (TK#13) in Tiburon, California; the other was mailed to Dr. David Gelernter (TK#14) at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. At the same time those bombs were mailed, a letter was mailed to the New York Times essentially claiming responsibility for those two devices." The Court Transcript identifies Experiment 225 was used for these two bombs.

(1B) The number, 553-25-4394, was included in this NYT letter for future identification purposes. e.g. MMM-DD-YYYY, The Money!, etc.

(2) 1995 4 Letters Sent To: 1. Dr. Gelernter, Department of Computer Science, Yale University 2. Dr. Phillip A. Sharp, Biology Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts. 3. Dr. Richard J. Roberts, New England Biolabs, Beverly, Massachusetts 4. Mr. Warren Hoge, Assistant Managing Editor New York Times.

(2) 1995 6 Letters Sent To: 1. Mr. Jerry Roberts, Editorial Page Editor, San Francisco Chronicle 2. Mr. Warren Hoge, Assistant Managing Editor for the New York Times 3. Mr. Michael Getler, Deputy Managing Editor, Washington Post 4. Mr. Bob Guccione, Penthouse Magazine 5. Scientific American 6. Dr. Tom Tyler, Social Psychology Group, University of California, Berkeley.


TK's Trial Tied the Following Experiments, To These Bomb Numbers.
Exp. 82 > TK#9; Exp. 83 Apparatus 2 > TK#8; Exp. 97 > TK#11; Exp. 100 > TK#10; Exp. 121 > TK#12; Exp. 225 > TK#13 & TK#14; Exp. 244 > TK#15; Exp. 245 > TK#16.

TK#1 to TK#7 have No Experiments Tied to Them. Only Eight out of a Possible 245 Experiments were Highlighted During His Trial.

Other Sources of Information About TK:

Ted Kaczynski: The Unabomber TRUTV Crime Library
Internet Archive Sacremento Bee website

Affidavit of Assistant Special Agent In Charge - UNABOM Task Force (UTF) - Terry D. Turchie - US District Of Montana - 3 April 1996
The Unabomber Pages - The Victims
PRISONER OF RAGE - A Special Report : From a Child of Promise to the Unabom Suspect - New York Times - 26 May 1996
Case Studies Of Domestic Terrorism
The Bombings: 1978-1995 - Matt Richtel
The Unabomber (German/English Website)
BOOK: The Unabomber and the Zodiac By Douglas Evander Oswell


911 World Trade Center/Pentagon, 113 Madrid Bombings AND 777 London Bombings

11 Sep 2001

New York










11 Mar 2004









7 Jul 2005












Is Someone Acting on These Types Of Communications.....

As We Already Know, Z is the 26th (or 1st in Reverse) Letter of the Alphabet and the Zodiac has 12 Signs...

Between 1966 and 1974 (Era of Vietnam War and Ongoing Synthetic Drugs Experimentation, etc), the Zodiac Killer provided more than 20 written communications to police officials in the USA, some including ciphers that have not been cracked to this day. Here are Two of The Zodiac's Unsolved Ciphers. As Pole and Lech (Walesa?) Caught My Eye, I thought I would include these two ciphers. Douglas Evander Oswell has written a book The Unabomber and The Zodiac, highlighting similarities between TK and the Zodiac Killer. Zodiac Killer Dedicated Website & Background Information HERE

26 June 1970 Link To The Original Cipher HERE

Original Order
C ∆ J I ■ O ʞ ♈ A M ߔ ▲ Ω O R T G X ⨀ F D V Ԏ ◪ H C E L ⨁ P W ∆
??High Cell NESW (Compass) Power Pyramid??
The only Characters to Repeat Themselves in This Cipher Are: C(2, SemiCircle) O (2) and (2)

Reverse Order
∆ W P ⨁ L E C H ◪ Ԏ V D F ⨀ X G T R O Ω ▲ ߔ M A ♈ ʞ O ■ I J ∆ C
??Poland, Lech (Walesa), Gate Troy (Greece!) Black Pyramid, 7/ Ma/Female Aries/Ram/Taurus??
The Only Characters to Repeat Themselves in This Cipher Are: C(2, SemiCircle) O (2) and (2)

20 April 1970 Link To Original Cipher HERE Known As My Name Is ......

Original Order

A E N ⨁ ⑧ K ⑧ M ⑧ ♈ N A M
??The Men of The Compass (888kms) (33)8ack Bomb (North & South) ViEtnam(M ♈ N A M) War. Flipped Aries/Ram/Taurus Sign??
The Only Characters To Repeat Themselves In This Cipher Are A(2) M(2) N(2) (3)

Reverse Order

M A N ♈ ⑧ M ⑧ K ⑧ ⨁ N E A
??Many/Man Ram, 888 Mk Bomb Bk, Make NESW/Compass Bone Sea??
The Only Characters To Repeat Themselves In This Cipher Are A(2) M(2) N(2) (3)


On A Personal Note....

Goodbye Hollywood!
I Turned Down A Job With Warner Brothers, 20 Years Ago For Rational Factual Reasons..... I did Not Apply In the First Place..... I Was Set Up, By Who (Dickheads)!

Some of the Reasons Why Important Factual Profiles Of People with Their Education, Employment, Personal Activities/Associations and Full Details of Family Members Are Withheld By The NETWORK with the Authorities, From PUBLIC Disclosure

There are 33 days between My Sister's and my Own Date of Birth. My sister was delivered to Salt Lake City, USA aged 8 in 1973. I was shipped aged 8 in 1975. Who is Responsible for these Deeds and all of the Evil Actions/Deaths that have followed?

A Polish Catholic Female (Born on 88th Day of the Year with 277 Days Remaining) who left Russian Communist Poland in the 50s for the UK. She Then Joined the American Masonic Mormons. We both had Salt (means money, to some) in Our Surnames At the Time of being delivered to Salt Lake City in the USA in 1973 and 1975! Later, my sister married a wealthy Egyptian and I went to work for the Monarchy. Who has profited from these relationships and all of the marriages/deaths! The Evil Craft with Religions in Action.......As Demonstrated in The Following Table

Those Responsible for Princess Diana's and Louis Mountbatten's Deaths, have Retained and Protected this Evil Polish Immigrant Woman and her Egyptian Daughter. In Profiles and Law Enforcement there is ONE LAW FOR ALL..... Only Facts are Facts... Ten Law Points and Rising...

Omit Anything and We Know Its Important/Relevant

# 3 - 30 June (1979)
# of Days Between Key Dates
Unabomber (TK) Bomb #5 Salt Lake City - 8 Oct
(View 08/08 Old Calendar)
(Marriage #3 30 June Was Driven By Masonic Mormons/Child 25 Apr)
Female Born (1)29 Mar (Dy#88/R277)
(Born Poland# - 3 Marriages to Brits)
# This Polish Blood Line Has Already Killed Its Own For Motives of Financial Loss/Profit. Some Angry Disgusted Blood Relations Have Been Witnesses/Messengers of These Actions To Other People. There Are No Surprises When The Next Generation Pursues Harming / Injuring / Killing Their Own Or Other People For Similar Reasons and Someone Uses Such People To Cover Up Their Own Crimes. Its All In The Factual Profiles. Sever This Blood Line...Its Evil!
93 Days
(UA93 - EWR > SFO)* I was Reported Missing in the Twin Towers
193 Days
Male Born (1)6 Jan (Dy#6/R359)
Husband #2 To Above - Divorced in 1975 - Private Pilot

Husband #3 Aged 33 in 1975

175 Days
(UA175 - BOS > LAX)* I was Reported Missing in the Twin Towers
275 Days
Male Born (1)17 Feb (Dy#48/R317)
Husband #3 To Above - Killed in
Road Accident in Cornwall 18 Jul 1981 (Dy#199/R166..Set Up!)
11 Days Before Diana's Marriage (29 Jul) & 59 Years Later, on the same day Louis Mountbatten Married (18 Jul 1922)
133 Days233 Days
Female Born (1)25 Apr (Dy#115/R250)
(Child Fm Marriage #2)
Went to US in 1973 Aged 8, Married An Egyptian.
66 Days
166 Days
Female Born 28 May (Dy#148/R217)
(Child Fm Marriage #2)
Went to US in 1975, Aged 8, Worked for the Monarchy, Reported Missing in Twin Towers in 2001
33 Days
133 Days
(1) NB Read The Small Print In Contracts : None of These People & Others Have Ever Been Inside My Places of Employment(Fact). The only detail these people Actually Do Know, are the Names of Employers (Also on official databases and unofficial records). When Someone is in Employment... You do not refer to Outsiders, Religions, Wealth and Delusional Egos, Illegal Immigrants, For Information, etc

On One Hand...
Not surprisingly, Arrogant and Ignorant Adults will Write Off Simple Facts, including the Basics from their own Childhood Education (if any) even Though These Facts are the Very Foundations of Knowledge and Events later. It is Essential The Egos of these Immature, Irresponsible Adults (who Ignore the Basics) are Permanently Destroyed and they are Forced Back Down to Earth. Start with the Basics .... Some examples and references in this blog: The Basic Application of Numerology in 911-113-77, Trinity Nuclear Little Boy HIROshima with Fat Man NAGasaki in 1945, the deaths of John Paul I (1978), Louis Mountbatten (1979), Princess Diana(1997) along with people associated with them, 33rd US President Truman, etc

On The Other Hand ...
Guilty People Will Repeatedly Lie, to Prevent the Basics and Hard Facts Becoming Public, because They Are Highly Relevant and In Fact, The Driving Force!

Let Their Be Light....... It Is Never Negligence and Incompetence, It Is Intent With a Capital I...

There are People who have been Trained to Lie, Deceive, Manipulate and Deliver Disinformation to the Masses. To Maintain Such Lies, Certain Types of People are Required and Utilized. Ten Law Points and Rising....