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9/11 and the 2001 Anthrax Attacks

9/11 and the 2001 Anthrax Attacks
(dedicated to the innocent victims and the wrongfully accused of these Attacks)

Is there something we ought to know about the

It appears nobody has really explored and tried to find possible links (or coincidences) between 9/11 and the Anthrax Attacks. This post focuses on some of the links.

The Anthrax envelopes were sent from Trenton, New Jersey. In 9/11, UA93 departed EWR Newark, New Jersey and crashed in Pennsylvania. SFO San Francisco was its destination. There did not appear to be an obvious target. Both 11/3 attack on Madrid in 2004 and the 7/7 attack on London in 2005, contained an explosion, which did not follow the pattern of the other three hits ie Madrid - outside train station and London - on a bus. This indicates these explosions were intentional, following the pattern of 9/11.

The Contaminated Post Box, Trenton, New Jersey
Which Post Box Shall We Use?

Why did the FBI take so long (around August 14 2002) to identify this particular Post Box: on the corner of Nassau and Bank Streets and opposite Princeton University? The Anthraxers may not be from the area but a contaminated Anthrax box is a Serious Health Risk and needs to be contained immediately.

This box may have been chosen as a communications device/tool because of the road names and the surrounding buildings. They may tie into the reasoning/justification for the 9/11/Anthrax attacks. Each post box is a source of information and holds a unique identity, based on its location.

When I first saw Nassau and Bank Streets and Princeton University in the location, I immediately thought of Offshore Financial Centers/Tax Havens but also the Duke of Windsor/Prince of Wales/Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson. Edward was Governor of the Bahamas during WWII. Could these simple details play a role in 9/11 and/or the Anthrax Attacks? Refer to my post II/11 - The Deaths of Louis Mountbatten (1979) & Princess Diana (1997).

If you can actually source and distribute Anthrax, you are an obvious killer and smarter than the mass population. You would have carefully planned every
aspect of delivery.

Sources of Further Information

The Princeton Crime Scene -
Glove Boxes & Mail Boxes -

Pen...acilin Pen...icillin
The first anthrax letter to media companies, contains an obvious misspelling. Nobody would have focused on this word if it had been spelt correctly. Penacil_in was written instead of Penicillin.

5Five media companies were identified as having received the first Anthrax letter.

Pen/Pencil = Media

Penacilin was not referred to, in the second anthrax letter, to Senators.

In 9/11. Pen appears both in Pentagon (Five Sided Building) and Pennsylvania.

5Five + 2Two Pattern

5Five Media companies were targeted + 2Two Senators with Anthrax.

In 9/11, the 5Pentagon (Five Sided Building)
+ 2Twin Towers (Two/II) followed the same 5+2 pattern.

5Five people died from exposure to Anthrax, 2two of which neither worked for the Media Companies/Senators nor for USPS.

The 7Sevens

Media Companies
+ 2 Senators = 7 Publicized Targets

In 9/11........2Twin Towers + 5Pentagon = 7 Value of Targets
AA11 + AA77 = AA88 or 7 = AA1+1(2) + AA7+7(14/5)
UA175 + UA93 = UA268 or 7 = UA1+7+5(13/4) + UA9+3(12/3)
(Clearly indicating 777 is highly significant. No Advanced Warning of London Bombings, Global Security Services?!)

5Five Anthrax Media Envelopes
(Post Marked 18 September 2001)
Who has free access to these media companies and is in a position to place, control and even remove evidence? This is important when considering which documents were retained/publicized and which documents were identified as not available/trashed.

Of the 5five Anthrax envelopes, (4NY and 1FL), 2NY were publicized and 2NY were conveniently lost, along with the 1FL letter.

What information do the Publicized envelopes contain which the absent envelopes would not?

* 2NY Media Companies with Descriptive Road Names (Rockefeller Plaza and Ave of the Americas) retained their Anthrax Letters and released them as evidence while 2 NY media companies with road numbers did not. Are we supposed to focus on the richest person in history, John D Rockefeller?

** The two publicized media envelopes contained the name/title: Tom Brokaw and Editor: e.g.Tom Broke-Law, Brok-Kaw, Ed-itor, perhaps. Assumptions can onl
y be made about the other three letters, which the public has never seen.

*** Only 1one TV company (NBC) and 1one Newspaper (New York Post) retained their envelopes and letters, in New York.
Anyone with military knowledge knows NBC stands for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical.

**** N/n
is the first letter in the name of the companies (NBC and NY Post) who retained their Anthrax letters. Capitalized and small letters can have different meanings/shapes.
n is also a symbol, a Connection / Arch. new jersey ......... newark..... Vanity Fair published an article about the anthrax attacks and referred to the UИNTHIИKABEL. I have not seen the original article. Obviously this word becomes UINTHIIKABEL, after translating from Russian into English, resulting in II or III.

***** Both publicized media letters contain 1112 in the address somewhere (10112 & 1211). These envelopes contain the 11 and a group of numbers (1112) which total five.

Are there any possible hidden reasons why only two media envelopes/letters still had their letters and they were publicized?

Two Publicized Media Envelopes and Letters

nbc (National Broadcasting Company)

Tom Brokaw, NBC TV, 30(3) Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112(5)
2 Employees Contaminated

New York Post : nyp

Editor, New York Post, 1211(5) Ave of the Americas, New York, NY 10036(10/1)
3 Employees Contaminated

Three Absent Media Envelopes and Letters

ABC : abc (American Broadcasting Company) (Walt Disney Company)
77(14/5) West 66th (12/3) Street, New York, NY 10023(6)
Only a 6/7 Mth old Baby was Contaminated. Looking Childish!

CBS : cbs (Columbia Broadcasting System)
524 (11/2) West 57th (12/3) Street, New York, NY 10019(11/2)

1 Employee Contaminated

AMI : ami
(American Media Incorporated)
5401(10/1) Broken Sound Boulevard, NW, Boca Raton , FL 33487(25/7)
2 Employees Contaminated, 1 Died.

We can not be sure all contaminations occurred through the postal system, given the absence of the letters and who was actually contaminated and died.

Two Anthrax Senator Letters (Post Marked 9 October 2001)
Out of 100 Senators, only these two were targeted. Why? I will not indulge in pushing politics as cause nor the fact that these attacks were a personal wake up call for the democrats.

The Senator letters differ from the Media Letters, in that they used a (fake) return address in New Jersey. The Senator letters also contain seven lines of text and full stops whereas the media letters only have five lines and no full stops. The meaning of each line changes when punctuation is considered, in the Senator letters. Sounds internal......

Who would want to send these Senators back to 4th Grade as well as the audience, who views t
hese documents? 4th grade is for 9-10 year olds in the USA.

Senator Leahy, 433(10/1) Russell Senate Office Building, Washington DC 20510(8)/4502(11/2)
Senator Daschle, 509(14/5) Hart Senate Office Building, Washington DC 20510(8)/4103(8)

The Return Address:
4th Grade
Greendale School
Franklin P-ark
NJ 08852

9/11 - Could there be a connection with UA93 - the EWR Newark -SFO San Francisco flight? We know this return address is fictitious and they didn't have to use one.

Further Sources of Information

An analysis of the Daschle and Leahy anthrax mailing addresses -


Officials quickly said there was no known link to either the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks or the more serious inhaled form of anthrax that killed a supermarket tabloid editor in Florida last week.” Brokaw’s Aide Tests Positive – St Petersburg Times - 13 October 2001


ANTHRAX ATTACKS 2001 - Further Sources of Information

The Anthrax Attacks by Ed Lake -

UCLA School of Epidemiology -

ComputerBytesMan Anthrax Investigation

Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction at the National Defence University in Washington DC - A Chronology and Analysis of the Fall 2001 Anthrax Attacks

FBI Investigation -

WIKI 2001 Anthrax Attacks
History Commons – Anthrax Attacks 2001 -

There will always be different Levels of Education, Focus, Knowledge and Comprehension.

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