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Memories Are More Important Than Memorials - 7s in 7 July 2005 London Bombings

MEMORIES Are More Important Than Memorials -
More 7s inside 7 July 2005
For Those Pursuing Truth and Justice
(Original Post 7 July 2009, Updated 13 August 2009)

Today is Tuesday 7th July 2009 and the memorial to the victims of 7 July 2005 has finally been unveiled. I will add a Satellite Picture, once one becomes available revealing 52-LII /5+2-VII formation.

To activate Absent Minds, Dormant Memories and Ultra (Arrogant) Thickos, here are some Logical Events Connected with 7s, 7²=49, 7³=343, 79/97 etc, which played an Important Role before 7 July 2005.



If you add 77 days to Queen Elizabeth's II Date of Birth: 21 April 1926, we arrive at 7 July 1926.

If you add 7³ (343) to Princess Diana's and Charles Day of Marriage, 29 July 1981, we arrive at 7 July 1982.

If you add 977 days to Princess Diana's Date of Death (31 August 1997), You Arrive at 4 May 2000, the day James (Jean-Pierre) Andanson, the well known Journalist/Photographer Died. He was originally identified as being present at Princess Diana's Scene of Death, in a White Fiat UNo. Link to Princess Diana's Inquest Transcript/Evidence & 2nd Transcript about James Andanson. Cars Are Like Airplanes.........

Prince Charles planned to marry Camilla Parker Bowles on Friday 8 April 2005, 2,777 days after Princess Diana's Death on 31 August 1997. Due to Jean Paul's II Death on Saturday 2 April 2005 and his Funeral Mass being organized on 8 April 2005, Charles and Camilla changed their wedding date to Saturday 9 April 2005, 2,778 days after Diana's Death. JPII became pope in 1978.

As for the installation (offering) of the Gold/Bronze Pyramidion/Capstone on Ramesses/Ramses II Obelisk in Paris - FRANCE on 14 May 1998 to serve Franco/Egyptian Relations........11 Years Before...... Ramses II Obelisks also exist in the Poznań Archaeological Museum - POLAND (Officially Opened on 22 October 2002 and on loan from Berlin, Germany), in EGYPT as well as in Rome - ITALY. Poland installed a gilded pyramidion on Their Obelisk on 19 October 2003. Ramses II arrived in Paris FRANCE in Mummified Person on 26 September 1976 (PDF) for treatment of fungal infections. II was returned to Cairo on 10 May 1977.

London - UK, New York - USA and Istanbul - TURKEY (in the Square of Horses) have Tuthmosis III Obelisks as well as Rome - ITALY. Grave Robbers and Thieves, The Lot of Them including Diebolt!

For the purpose of documenting Factual Profiles Of People And Those Connected to The Above for LEGAL PURPOSES in the UK and abroad, the above information was available before 7 July 2005 and in some cases, even before 1994. Such Basic Arithmetic!

Coin Change After Royal Date Swap - BBC - 4 April 2005


THE VATICAN AND BRITISH MONARCHY - Undemocratic Institutions

Go To This Post For More Information : POPE JOHN PAUL I, Albino Luciano 1978

Born : Thursday 17 October 1912
Became Pope : Saturday 26 August 1978
Died : Aged 65 on Thursday 28 September 1978
(28/09/1978 or 28/07/1978
September means Seven, therefore even the 911 Terrorist Attacks can be read as 711=77)

Jean Paul I Survived As Pope for only 33 DAYS.


Add 333 Days (10 Months and 30 Days) to Pope Jean Paul I Date of Death.
You will arrive at 27 August 1979, the day Louis Mountbatten Was Murdered, By the Irish Republican Army(IRA).

Go to this post for more information: II - Death of Louis Mountbatten(79) - Princess Diana(97)

Born: Monday 25 June 1900 (25/06/1900)
Died: Aged 79, on Monday 27 August 1979 (27/08/1979)
Add 11 Days to the Date of His Death : Friday 7 September 1979
(Aged 79 - 07/09/1979 or as 07 07 - (September means Seven,
therefore even the 911 Terrorist Attacks can be read as 711=77)

Louis Mount-Batten - 1979
= 3 * 79

For the purpose of documenting Factual Profiles Of People And Those Connected With Them for LEGAL PURPOSES in the UK and abroad, the above information was available before 1994 and Princess Diana's Death on 31 August 1997.

11/II (Roman Numerals) have figured throughout the 20th Century. Louis Mountbatten was Uncle to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Other associations include World War II and the Polish Pope, Jean Paul II.

If you add 11 days to Princess Diana's Date of Death, you arrive at 11 September 1997; four years later on 11 September 2001 the II Towers were destroyed. Before the destruction of the Twin Towers, the North Tower was repeatedly targeted i.e. the 11th floor fire in 1975 and the basement bombing in 1993. What is/was wrong with the North Tower?

Picture: Map of the Former British Empire. Connected to 7 July 2005 - Pakistan and Louis Mountbatten along with India on 11 July 2006.


Lech Walesa / Wałęsa, the leader of Polish Solidarność is recognized as a key player in Turning Events in Poland, shortly after the Polish Pope Jean Paul II came to Power in 1978.


It would appear to be highly irrational to fix dates, unless the intent is to reveal or activate something, which later has significant diverse ramifications. Denials are a dangerous game when history provides ample concrete proof of Facts.

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