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The Innocence of Negligence V Adverse Public Reactions To Sabotage & Terrorism

Do you have the expertise, knowledge or inquisitive mindset to really challenge official investigators, their reports and verdicts, of many serious accidents? If you do not, you will tend to accept official reports and place your trust in Expert Opinion. Should we be so trusting? Some experts are not independent and neutral. They have (hidden) dependencies.............

SABOTAGE - Its a Long Shot! - What Ever Next? God?
I have listed a series of accidents in this post, which have been blamed on negligence, incompetence and equipment faults. However, we can not ignore the fact that in the right hands and with the right knowledge, these accidents could have been acts of sabotage. Why on earth commit SABOTAGE? I'll let you ponder over the reasons why companies/people might be targeted.

Saboteurs do not deliver official public statements. They don't need to. The act is a message itself. Whoever they are targeting (individual/company) knows in advance or recognizes afterwards who is responsible.

We Want a Quiet Life - Controlling the Ignorant Mass
Blaming negligence on workers and faulty equipment leads to an entirely different emotional reaction from the public, in comparison with the alarm and anger stirred by acts of terrorism and known sabotage. If a government or company wants to Maintain the Peace and Profits, it will pursue a strategy of minimizing adverse public reactions and anxiety.

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(NB This blog has already provided a couple of posts identifying various communication devices, which were available to 9/11, 11/3, 7/7 and 11/7 organizers. This post provides some other examples of communication devices in action. Was it an accident or not? You decide!)

SUNday, 1ST June 2008: Fire at UNIVERSal Studios Hollywood, CA The blaze began around 4:45 a.m. (7:45 a.m. ET) and was contained initially by 9 a.m. Throughout the morning, large plumes of black smoke rose as the fire burned the vault containing hundreds of videos. The fire destroyed an area called New York street, which includes movie set-style buildings designed to look like the cityscape of New York City. It also destroyed the courthouse square featured in the film "Back to the Future" and an exhibit housing a mechanically animated King Kong.

(On Monday 2nd June 2008, Al-Qaeda attacked the Danish Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. Motive: to revenge the reprinting in Danish papers of a Cartoon of Islam's Prophet Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban.)

Tuesday, 20 May 2008: Germany, Berlin Philharmonic Fire Blamed on Welding Work
A fire that tore through the roof of the Berlin Philharmonic's landmark concert hall was sparked by welding work, investigators said Monday. The blaze broke out below the roof of the famed 1960s building near the capital's Potsdamer Platz last Tuesday and sent acrid smoke billowing over Berlin.

Monday, 19 May 2008:
Hilton Hotel Explosion, San Diego, California

San Diego hotel construction blast caused by gas leak - Leaking natural gas caused an explosion that injured 14 construction workers and damaged four floors on the unfinished 30-story hotel.

Saturday, 15 March 2008: Crane Collapse at 303 East 51st Street, Manhattan

A crane owned by New York Crane & Equipment collapsed at 303 East 51st Street on 51st Street in Manhattan. Seven people were killed and 24 others were injured. It was a luffing-jib tower crane manufactured by Favco that was 200 feet tall at the time of the collapse. The accident occurred when workers were attaching a new steel collar to anchor it to the building at the 18th floor, as part of an operation to extend the crane upwards. Investigators say the prime suspect is a $50 piece of nylon that broke while lifting a six ton piece of steel.

Thursday, 17 January 2008 - Boeing 777,
BA Flight 38 Plane Crash - Tail number - G-YMMM
British Airways Flight 38 (call sign Speedbird 38) was a scheduled flight from Beijing Capital International Airport, which crash landed just short of the runway at its destination, Heathrow Airport, London. There were no fatalities, but nine people sustained injuries. It was the first accident that resulted in a Boeing 777 hull loss.

Wednesday, 28 February 2007: Silicon Contaminated Unleaded Petrol, South East England
On 28 February 2007 motorists in South East England reported that their cars were breaking down. Motorists blamed supermarket petrol with most of the fuel sold by the supermarkets in the South East coming from the Vopak terminal in the Thames Estuary. Harvest Energy, who supplies Asda, shares tank facilities at the depot in West Thurrock with another oil company, Greenergy, who are part-owned by Tesco and supplies both Tesco and Morrisons. The 2007 UK petrol contamination problem was caused by silicon contaminated unleaded petrol, sold by several supermarkets, that damaged the oxygen sensors in engine management systems.

Friday, 23 February 2007: Grayrigg Train Derailment
The Grayrigg derailment was a fatal railway accident that occurred at approximately 20:15 GMT on 23 February 2007, just to the south of Grayrigg, Cumbria, in north-west England. The initial conclusion of the accident investigation is that the derailment was caused by a faulty set of points (number 2B), controlled from Lambrigg ground frame. The scheduled inspection on 18 February did not take place.
Loose bolts found at scene of death crash

Sunday, 11 December 2005: Buncefield Oil Depot Fire, Hemel Hempstead

The terminal, generally known as the Buncefield Depot, is an oil storage facility located near the M1 motorway on the edge of Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, England. The Oil Storage Terminal fire was caused by a series of explosions early on the morning of 11 December 2005. These were some of the largest explosions ever to occur in the country, and the incident has been described as the biggest of its kind in peacetime Europe.

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