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II - Death of Louis Mountbatten, Last Viceroy of India(79) - IRA - Princess Diana(97) (Updated)

II / 11 + Shadow V / 5 (The Yacht)

The Deaths of Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas MOUNTBATTEN, Last Viceroy of India (1979) & Princess DIANA (1997) Updated - Originally Posted: 21 October 2008

Admiral of the Fleet Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, KG, GCB, OM, GCSI, GCIE, GCVO, DSO, PC (25 June 1900 – 27 August 1979) was a British admiral and an uncle of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Lord Mountbatten was the last Viceroy of the British Indian Empire (1947). He oversaw the partitioning of Pakistan from India and became the first Governor-General of independent India (1947–48). I don't need to introduce Princess Diana to anyone.

King George VI was King of Pakistan until his death in 1952 and Elizabeth II was Queen of Pakistan until this country became a republic on 23 March 1956.



As far as I am aware, only one King has been crowned with the number Eight: Henry VIII (8), infamous for having had six wives, their beheadings and the weakening of the Roman Catholic Church's power and domination by breaking with Rome, in 1533-34. Edward VIII (8) was never crowned and abdicated. He chose instead to lead a quiet life, by marrying a twice divorced American.

NUMBER 11 / ROMAN NUMERALS II (Mirror Numbers)

The number 11 and Roman Numerals II have played a role in the reign of the Monarchy/Royalty and the Catholic Church for centuries. In the 20th Century:

Queen Elizabeth II (Reign Start 06 02(Feb) 1952 - Coronation 02 06(Jun) 1953)
John Paul II (Papacy Start 16 10(Oct) 1978 - Died 02 04(Apr) 2005)

Why do undemocratic institutions/clubs still use Roman Numerals? The 11/II has played a role in the demise of some of them. Given the prevalence of 11/II in Al-Qaeda MCIs (9/11), 3/11 & 7/11), why does this number also appear in IRA attacks and Diana's innocent car accident? Mirror numbers with arcs/connections....

The following table provides examples of how II plays a role with two members of the British Royal Family.

79 / 97

Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten

Diana, Princess of Wales


25(7) /06(6) /1900(1)

01(1) /07(7) /1961(8)





2 Daughters - 14/02/1924 & 19/04/1929

2 Sons - 21/06/1982 & 15/09/1984



IRA (Catholics) Claimed Responsibility for the Terrorist Attack on Shadow V


IRA Disarmed? Car Accident?...+3 Years (2000) People Connected with Diana, Harmed?!

Add 11 Days to the Day These People Died

= 07/09/1979 - 79 Years Old!

= 11/09/1997 - (9/11) - 36 Years Old.

18 Years Apart - Mid Point is 1988




Died 1979(8)

Died 1997(8)

As previously mentioned, 8 can equal 33, 6, SS, etc. Symbolism and Numerology is important for some groups. Call It Non-Verbal Communication and Messaging.

Queen Elizabeth II has been reported as saying “There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge.” at a meeting with Princess Diana's Former Butler in December 1997, shortly after Diana's death in a car accident. We do not have a full transcript of this 3 hour meeting; we only have a filtered media version. I find this public disclosure rather amusing because it absolves the Monarchy of any responsibility and wrongdoing.

Let us assume these Dark Forces have heard certain 'private conversations' and let us assume someone knows who these Dark Forces are. Will those who know, be allowed to speak in public or will they be silenced? If the Dark Forces are serving Someone's Ongoing Interests, anyone who tries to Exposes Them, will naturally be silenced.

Various people would have observed, Diana's inquest failed to inform people about available remote electronic technology at the time of the accident, which could have interfered with a variety of electronic devices, in this vehicle and on their persons. And what else happened in 2000, to people tied to Diana, three years after her death? The problem with Diana is, she was set up, from the beginning and used through to the end. What a Fantastic Democratic, Law Abiding and Advanced Civilization Great Britain really is, NOT.


JOHN PAUL I - 1978

JPI was the 263rd Pope and his reign lasted only 33 days. Suspicion remains around his death because there was a series of deaths, both prior to and after his own. Refer to POPE JOHN PAUL I, Albino Luciano 1978 - 30th Anniversary Christmas Present - His Death and Terrorist Attacks.

Pope John Paul I

Only 33 Days


Date as Totals




Pope Reign Begins



Pope Reign Ends / Death (Aged 65)



If you were to check simple details about popes during the last 200 years, there are a number of unique details about John Paul I. JPI was the only pope who lasted less than a year, 33 days to be exact; he was the First John Paul - he was an I, the next Pope instantly became a II. JPI was immediately succeeded by the first foreign pope, since the 1520s. JPII was the first Polish pope, with an Anti-Communist Focus and a member of Opus Dei. John Paul I was the first to controversially refuse to have the millennium-old traditional Papal Coronation and wear the Papal Tiara.

For the purpose of documenting Factual Profiles for Legal Reasons, in the summer of 1978, my sister and I went for our first (month long) visit to Poland. I was Eleven Years Old.



I believe it is useful to register the dates of a deceased man I know because of some interesting connections, some of which follow after his death. I worked for the Duchy of Cornwall (1987 - 1989) when Charles & Diana's marriage was already in trouble (there were public and private denials but WE knew the truth. We laughed in the office because of the audacity to misrepresent reality to even Us.). I maintained some connections after I left the DoC with the Firm (The Monarchy); the deceased person to which I first refer, was killed in a road accident in Cornwall in 1981 (Buried There As Well) - he died 11 days before Diana's marriage. The sinister number 11.....

The deceased man was a non-blood relation. He had researched his family tree and found a distant blood line connection to the British Monarchy. This is not really important for me but for others...... Speak to a Doctor and he/she will explain why everyone has Blue Blood. This may all sound ridiculous, until you discover there are other connections but also other people with similar patterns in their life, which each point at something and someone. I also have Egyptian connections which I have rejected on Human Rights Violations/Abuses grounds. The British Monarchy do not care about Human Rights Violations/Abuses and this is not surprising given their extensive history of profiteering and trade with Middle Eastern Monarchies.

Refer to the End Note For More Information About This Man


Date as Totals



8/2/7 (8)*

(2nd) Marriage


3/6/8 (8)*

Death (Cornwall)


9/7/1 (8)*

+11 Days Later Diana Married

Diana's first son was born in 1982, Diana was 36 years old in 1997.

* The Series of 888 is Extremely Unusual. Fixed?!


When (French) Birds Fly.......

On the 30th June 2009, Yemenia Airbus IY749 (20/2) / IY626 (14/5) crashed, following route plan of CDG (Charles De Gaulle) > MRS (Marseille, France) > SAH (Sana'a, Yemen) > JIB (Djibouti) > HAH (Moroni, Comoros). Fortunately, 8ahia 8akari has survived.

30 years ago, on this day my stepfather Roger Swire's was Married into one of Angel Moroni's Masonic Mormon Lodges/Churches. This marriage lasted only 749 days (20/2, 77², etc); he died in a road accident in Cornwall. The next time my sister, her mother, religious groups and their associates want to force evil on Innocent People for money, their name, status and connections, recognize the future consequences.

For the purpose of documenting Factual Profiles for Legal Reasons, I have presented verifiable facts, which are freely available on the internet ( and in the public domain as well as people's memories, since 1979.


- A namesake of the above deceased person, has played a very vocal role in the (supposed) Libyan bombing of Pan Am 103 in 1988. Dr. James Swire (born 1936) lost his daughter, Flora in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing. After a Four Year absence from the UK mainland, the Provisional IRA delivered their first bomb attack on 1 August 1988 at the Inglis Barracks in Mill Hill, North London. One soldier, Lance Corporal Michael Robbins, was killed and a further nine were injured by a timer device.



Crossing Boundaries, Borders and Limits.......


There are a number of facts before and after this man's death (table above has dates), which can not be ignored. Some people will say this accident would have happened anyway. It really depends, upon what actually happens after this particular accident, in comparison with other scenarios.

This man entered a marriage in 1979 and was separated from this woman, before he died in 1981. The divorce was never finalized. Yes, a small life insurance policy was secured before his death and the man's only son, never received a penny. Without a divorce being finalized, future claims to this man's family identity and assets would obviously remain.

The relationship was unhappy, disharmonious, unstable, and void of common ground and similar education. The marriage was doomed to fail and it did. This marriage went against all religious doctrine about harmonious relationships/families. Why therefore would Masonic Mormon Missionaries and this woman, force this marriage/path? Parkinson was one of the
missionaries. Some people think they can marry the actions, successes and wealth of others. The woman had an established history of sham marriages when She had been a Catholic.

The man was educated but vulnerable and open to manipulation. His condition could be used as an emotional manipulative excuse for everything, even though it was not the REAL CAUSE in many situations. As all people know, if someone wants to sincerely help any person in need, they simply help them. They do not need to engage in a financial contract of any kind, including a marital one.

I tried to intervene in this situation, given that I was witnessing the disturbing reality. The Mormon Missionaries made it very clear to me personally, I Was Completely Irrelevant and No One was going to stop this marriage. They were all forcing this path, for some irreligious and dare I say evil reason. The fact was, I was highly relevant, I was a First Hand Witness and my communications were not for malicious intentions. It's starting to bear some resemblance to Diana's Marriage and Death, along with my factual disclosures in Geneva, in 1994. Given the conduct of certain people since 1994, it is obvious what they are driving, especially after Perverting the Course of Justice and Preventing Law Enforcement. I will make sure in the end, they fail on all fronts.

The woman wanted to get herself pregnant with this man even though the relationship was not conducive for having children. Any woman who bears children in such relationships, does not care about the child and is simply using innocent and vulnerable human life, for self serving gain.
This was the first time, a man had actually walked out, on this woman.

The woman's eldest daughter, a well known materialist, attention seeker and profiteer was involved in the introduction. This daughter's real character revealed itself later in GB and Egypt. Fortunately, I am the opposite of both of these women and I have intentionally made myself unattractive throughout life, for a reason. If you want to separate the wise and the educated from ignorant fools, who only base judgment on sexual attraction/physical appearances......

Nobody can ignore the fact there are networks across religions and also sub-groups within them, worldwide, with irreligious interests and agendas, contradicting their own religious doctrine. I have provided a simple example; if you want more proof, there are other people out there, with similar profiles. You only have to ensure factual profiles are registered and do serious research.

As I know very well, in the 20th/21st century, it is Not Negligence/Incompetence but Intent, when people refuse to register detailed factual profiles and links; my visit in 1994 to the UN and the British Consulate in Geneva is a Perfect Example of Intent. What followed was Planned and Nobody was going to Interfere, including me. Given the shortsightedness of many people involved, they will not be able to control the consequences now, which will in the end expose them and their motives.

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