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POPE JOHN PAUL I, Albino Luciano 1978 - 30th Anniversary Christmas Present - His Death and Terrorist Attacks

Where can we find connections with JPI's Death in 1978 & the 911, 113, 777 & 117 Terrorist Attacks?
(Updated 1 September 2009)

Born: 17 October 1912. Papacy: From 26 August 1978 - 33 days later - Died: 28 September 1978 (Aged 65)

Should we not look deeper than the (religious) uniform and public statements, often delivered to manipulate a foolish and gullible audience? The audience never protests publicly when deception is spotted nor do they demands Answers by marching to the Very Heart of any Religion, Its CAPITAL!

BLIND TRUST of (Godly) Humanity, Morality and Purity and even the Wealthy, is a PARADISE FOR ABUSE.

If you remember on 9/11, three planes (AA11, UA175 & AA77) were flying to/arriving Los Angeles (The Angels) and the fourth (UA93) to San Francisco (Saint Francis of Assisi). The pilots had many destinations to choose from, in West America. So Why Choose These?

If you total the value of buildings hit by planes, which were only flying to Los Angeles (2Twins + 5Pentagon=7), 7 Angels materialize. The plane to San Francisco crashed without an obvious target in Pennsylvania. The bible is littered with references to Sevens. In the book of Revelations we have 7 churches, 7 Spirits, 7 angels, 7 candlesticks, 7 stars, 7 lamps, 7 seals, 7 horns, 7 eyes, 7 trumpets, 7 thunders, 7 mountains, 7 kings, 7 crowns, 7 plagues, etc

One Madrid train on 11 March 2004 (Tn 21713 - C7Red Line/Zone A) exploded in Santa Eugenia station. Saint Eugenia was an early Christian Roman martyr whose feast day is celebrated on 25 December in the Roman Catholic Church. She is included in the Golden Legend. Interestingly enough, 2(Twin Towers) +5(Pentagon) = 25, in 9/11, represents the buildings hit.

On 11 July 2006 in Mumbai, India, all Seven trains departed from ChurchGate station. Are we seeing Islam or Christianity or Both on the Surface and/or Underneath, in these terrorist attacks? Are these details relevant or not? As previously mentioned All Security Services including the AMERICANS would have identified these types of details and their possible role in future attacks, targets and dates. Who pursues REGIME CHANGE on this planet and what types of vehicles do they have access to?

For the purpose of reigniting memories and documenting Factual Profiles for LEGAL REASONS, in the summer of 1978, my sister and I went for our first visit to Poland. I was Eleven Years Old. I have spent a maximum of six weeks in Poland, during my Entire Life.

33 Years After the End of World War II (1945), Poland was Selected and Elected through John Paul II (1978) to break Soviet Domination in Eastern European Countries. 11 Years Later (9 November 1989 - 09/11/1989 or 09 09 (Nov. Means Nine) 1989) The Berlin Wall Fell. Regime Change Through (Religious) Vehicles, One Of Various Vehicles Available, if you have the Power to Influence and Manipulate Those Within.

33 Days After John Paul I (Italian Citizen) was elected Pope (26 August 1978), he died on 28 September 1978 (Aged 65). Karol Józef Wojtyła, a Polish Cardinal replaced him. Karol had a variety of names to choose from, as the new Pope. He intentionally chose John Paul II.

An Example: 33 Days After the 4 July 1945 (American Independence Day), The Little Boy Atomic Bomb was Dropped on 'Hiro'shima on Monday 6 August 1945. 3 Days Later Fat Man was detonated On 'Nag'asaki, JAPAN.

As Well As ....33 Days After John Paul II Became (the First Polish) Pope on 16 October 1978, on the 18 November 1978 the world saw the Massacre of Jim Jones's Communist/Socialist Utopia in Guyana. Their Chosen Path Had Been Communism/Socialism.

Man Made Actions In Action......This is Not Sci-Fi/Godly Intervention or even a Beautiful Mind.

It's How They Have Always Operated! As for JFK, the only ever Catholic American President.....

* * *

This post focuses on Pope John Paul I(JPI), who is well known globally, as the Smiling Pope. There is a lot of information already available about him and his brief papacy, therefore I will refrain from repetition here. I will however focus on various issues, which arose in the Vatican but are also present in corrupt, politicized institutions, causing the removal of an important figurehead and even the downfall of any institution.

Is Medical Science A Serious Threat to the Survival of Religion and Unearthing A Crime?
The Vatican refused to carry out an Autopsy after JPI's death. This obviously led to accusations of a cover up, even more so when a number of friends and acquaintances of JPI also died, around the same time. The Vatican can not always use the justification that old age and ill health are responsible. It's a convenient scapegoat but not in this situation. 20th century Italian media demanded an autopsy but it was to no avail.

According to On Pilgrimage “The cardinals discussed the question, and there were various opinions for and against. Some thought a good idea, given the climate of public opinion in Rome. Others didn’t want to set a precedent, and thought that the provisions of the Apostolic Constitutions on the death and election of a Pope should be strictly adhered to – and these made no provisions for an autopsy. On the other hand, according to the same source, the cardinals didn’t consider themselves competent to confirm the medical diagnosis on their own.”

There are various lists on the internet of his JPI's deceased friends and associates. I have identified here, only three people who died before JPI. It looks rather political and fishy, when you look at the countries involved and the 7s in their ages; similar to the 3*7s in various large scale Mass Casualty Incidents, including the 777 London Bombings and 9/11.

So are we to assume these Communist Countries were fed up with Catholics meddling in their affairs or JPI and his friends were too sympathetic towards Communist/Socialist Countries? Is there a connection with the nationality and actions of the next Pope, John Paul II as well?

16 August 1978 – Cardinal PAUL YU PIN ! (China) Aged 77
The day before Pope Paul VI died, he was elevated to to the prestigious rank of Grand Chancellor of Eastern Affairs, a position of significance influence. He unfortunately did not take part in John Paul's I Election. Cardinal Paul Yu Pin keeled over at Paul's VI funeral. On August 16, 1978, his body was returned in a sealed coffin to Taipei for interment.

5 September 1978 - Metropolitan NIKODIM (Russia) Aged 49 = 7²! (Cuba!)
The Orthodox leader of Leningrad and Novgorod, USSR. He has been identified as a close friend and ally of Albino Luciani. Early in the 33 day pontificate of John Paul I, on Sept. 5, 1978, the 49 year old prelate fell dead at the Pope's feet, in Rome.

11 September 1978 – Cardinal VALERIAN GRACIAS (India/Pakistan) Aged 77
He was unable to attend JPI conclave due to ill health. He died of cancer in Bombay/Mumbai. His date of birth varies.

If anyone wants to make corrections and additions to this list, PLEASE send details. We need accuracy not Disinformation here.

Not Forgetting..... On 18 November 1978 the world saw the Collapse of Jim Jones's Communist/Socialist Utopia in Guyana. 918 people died in Jonestown, the majority of Temple members being part of a Revolutionary Suicide. Their assets were left to the Communist Party of the USSR.

I, Marceline Jones, leave all bank accounts in my name to the Communist Party of the USSR. The bank accounts are located in the Bank of Nova Scotia, Nassau, Bahamas. Please be sure that these assets do get to the USSR...........

Rocking Ceremonies, Papal Coronations & Crowns

John Paul I was supposed to be crowned as Pope however he controversially refused to have the millennium old traditional Papal Coronation and to wear the Papal Tiara. The Vatican has Numerous Papal Tiaras . JPI instead chose to have a simplified Papal Inauguration Mass. With the disappearance of the papal coronation, the British monarch is now the only monarch in a western country to receive a coronation. All others, like modern popes, are "inaugurated" into office.

Within the Vatican, we hear there are rightists, leftists, the traditionalists, the conservatives, the liberals, Freemasons, Opus Dei, the French, etc etc; similar to different political parties globally, today. The factions within the Vatican are fully capable of behaving just like politicians and their supporters, outside.

In all sincerity, if the Vatican was truly representing and communicating with any superior being, they would be speaking with ONE TONGUE. They are not. Their personal identities and selfish interests supersede any God.

Kings, the nobility and the wealthy have interfered and often swayed the election of popes in history. The Vatican has been subjected to non-religious interference and external forces, negotiating and surrendering to outside interests of power and money, for their own religious survival of course. Who outside might use or support the Vatican driving Regime Change? Operation Gladio is an example.

Never Say Never, when offshore financial centers/tax havens contain Almighty Capital, the account holders are a Law Unto Themselves and international transactions remain Without a Transparent Audit Trail.

If the Vatican and other religions could only invoke their Almighty God, every so often for all of us to see and experience, they wouldn't have political factions and schisms, need money nor would they use membership statistics to manipulate and to validate their legitimacy. The Biggest Fools on Earth believe, Strength in Numbers is Legitimacy.

33 is the number of days JPI survived as Pope. Is this a Coincidence or a well planned signature? The fact that later the Vatican was proved to be associated with P2, a masonic lodge can not be ignored nor the masonic type circumstances in which Roberto Calvi died. There were supposedly around 100 Freemasons within the Vatican during JPI papacy as well as Opus Dei members, including Swiss Guards. This post does not cover the murder (and suicide of one, for some claim) of Swiss Guards and a Spouse on the 4 May 1998 in the Vatican City: Alois Estermann, his wife Gladys Meza Romero and Cédric Tornay.

Entities within Entities/ Embeds within Embeds/States within States. Another Agenda
JPII was a member of Opus Dei whereas JPI was neither Opus Dei nor a Freemason. On 28 November 1982, John Paul II erected Opus Dei as a Personal Prelature.

WE ARE ABOVE THE LAW - We Do God and/or We Have The Right Contacts
There are certain types of establishment, which will never admit to murder, even breaking the law, given that it will lead to catastrophic consequences including terminating their operations. For this reason, expect certain mechanisms to be installed in some institutions, to prevent detection, identification and even public exposure. This fact is not limited to religious institutions. BLIND TRUST in people of rank and perceived authority, creates a PARADISE FOR ABUSE.

Corruption, Bribery, Deception and Scandals
Three years (1981) after JPIs death (1981), a major international scandal erupted in Italy, implicating the Vatican Bank directly. The Vatican bank was exposed as being directly involved in a huge financial and political scandal with a supposed Black Masonic Lodge - P2 Propaganda Due (with international ties of course) together with the Ambrosiano Bank and its Chairman, Roberto Calvi.

Destroying Objectivity, Balance, Transparency and the Truth
When people die, their voices are immediately silenced and any actions involving planned exposes and law enforcement are stopped, ensuring many facts from the horse's mouth, the most reliable first hand witness, never reaches the public domain and a Court of Law.

Employing Ignorance, Negligence and Incompetence - Weapons To Protect An (Godly) Empire
The roots of the Vatican Bank scandal were well established before John Paul became pope and the tree was fully mature, by the time he was elected. As to be expected the Vatican feigned ignorance and negligence in the P2 and Ambrosiano Bank scandal, which unfortunately with 20th century logic, Stinks.

Claiming naivety, inexperience, having clean hands and even the higher moral ground, are century old tools of manipulation aiding denials and cover ups of wrongdoing. This is the Story of Paul Marcinkus.

PAUL MARCINKUS, Its All in His Ring

Paul Marcinkus is dead. Perhaps it is of relief to some. He will never be FORCED now to speak as a witness. Paul Marcinkus was an American and the President of the Vatican Bank from 1971 to 1989 (aka IOR "Istituto per le Opere di Religione"). He was also the Director of Ambrosiano Overseas, based in Nassau, Bahamas!

On 21 August 1967, Marcinkus became a FREEMASON (#43-649 and code name MARPA.) His name was found on a list of more than 100 Freemason Clerics, including Jean-Marie Villot (Cardinal Secretary of State), Agostino Casaroli (Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Vatican), Pasquale Macchi (Secretary of Paul VI), Monsignor Donato de Bonis (Vatican Bank), Ugo Poletti (Vicar General of Rome), Don Virgilio Levi (Deputy Editor of L'Osservatore Romano) and Roberto Tucci (Director of Vatican Radio). God has never been listed as a member of any Secret Society including the Freemasons.

Paul Marcinkus had absolutely no professional experience and relevant education for the Vatican Position. You would have thought it was in the moral interest of the Vatican to employ a qualified and seasoned professional, in such an important position. Clearly not. So Why was Paul Marcinkus really put in this position and why did he accept? Feigning Ignorance every time, was he?

Marcinkus was first questioned on 24 April 1973, by the head of the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section of the United States Department of Justice, about his involvement in the delivery of 14.5 million US$ worth of counterfeit bonds to the Vatican in July 1971.

Some people like to play on the fact that Marcinkus came from the same neighborhood as Al Capone. I would rather focus on WHY someone so unqualified and unsuitable was ever installed? The Vatican has access to a huge pool of financial and banking experts globally, who could have implemented sound financial management practices and protected the Vatican Bank from becoming ever involved in any UnGodly business and transactions. It was clearly not the priority. This was Intent with an Almighty Capital I.

Archbishop Paul Marcinkus‘s Obituary - The Times Newspaper (UK)
The Senior Vatican official embroiled in the fraudulent bankruptcy of the Banco Ambrosiano.

Church, State and Money : Groundbreaking Series from La Repubblica .... The Vatican Secretary of State has objected to the publication of these revealing articles, but has not disputed their accuracy. Here is the entire series so far, specially translated by Graeme Hunter for Concordat Watch. There are numerous interesting articles including this one. Scandal, Intrigue and Mystery – The Secrets of the Vatican Bank (PDF) By Curzio Maltese, in collaboration with Carlo Pontesilli and Maurizio Turco - La Repubblica – 26 January 2008

The Broken Cross The Hidden Hand in the Vatican By Piers Compton

P2 (Propaganda Due) - The International BEEHIVE
P2 was a Masonic lodge from 1877 to 1976 (when its charter was withdrawn) and a pseudo-Masonic or "black" lodge operating illegally from 1976 to 1981. On 17 March 1981 the P2 Black Masonic Lodge Membership List was Discovered. The list contained the names of leading members of all security services, the armed forces, civil servants, top bankers, industrialists and newspaper editors; people required for making a State within a State. The list included the names of Michele Sindona and Roberto Calvi of the Ambrosiano Bank, both intimately involved with secretive financial dealings with the Vatican Bank/IOR, over many years.

A Financial Advisor to the Vatican with Unbelievable Godly Credentials (The Mafia)
The Vatican authorities hired Michele Sindona in 1968 as a Financial Advisor, despite his questionable past and connections. He moved huge amounts of money from his own banks through the Vatican and on to Swiss banks. On March 18, 1986, he was poisoned with cyanide in his prison cell while serving a life sentence for the murder of Giorgio Ambrosoli in Milan, the lawyer commissioned to liquidate Sindona's banks.


Banco Ambrosiano was a private Italian bank named after Saint Ambrose. Roberto Calvi was appointed Chairman of the Ambrosiano Bank in 1975. On 13 November 1977, posters alleging irregularities at the Banco Ambrosiano appeared all over Milan. (Excellent Idea!) The Banca d'Italia subsequently inspected Banco Ambrosiano, and in 1978 reported that the bank had been illegally exporting capital. The bank collapsed in 1982. The Vatican Bank was Banco Ambrosiano's main shareholder!

On Friday 11 June 1982, Roberto Calvi left Italy. On Monday 14 June, Ambrosiano's shares crashed.
On Wednesday 16 June, the Bank's Board was dissolved. On Thursday 17 June, Roberto Calvi's Secretary Graziella Corrocher committed suicide. On Friday 18 June, Roberto Calvi's body was found hanging from scaffolding beneath BlackFriars (Dominicans) Bridge in London. The location and method of death appeared to be a signature of the FreeMasons.

His death was first reported as suicide, followed later by prosecutions for murder.

I will lay down a couple of facts which were not widely reported. Calvi was reported as having the equivalent of US$15,000 in different currencies on him, at the time of his death. Very few media sources identified the 3 actual currencies: Italian Lire, Swiss Francs and British Sterling. When you look at money, it is not just the value/quantity but also the Source and the Head on it. We know Calvi was in the international banking business and his death was staged. Could the currencies have been staged as well? Are these currencies providing the missing links to a triangular picture?

In addition different media outlets identified varying quantities of rocks, stones and masonry in Roberto Calvi's pockets and flies. Thanks to Philip P. Willan, author of The Last Supper: The Mafia, the Masons and the Killing of Roberto Calvi, he has kindly included pictures of the Exact Masonry as evidence at http://www.philipwillan.com/photogallery.htm.

It is claimed somewhere, Roberto Calvi was wearing two pairs of pants, at the scene of his death. It isn't the type of fact people would take seriously even though it might be highly relevant if it was true and it was not his normal behaviour.

......In some masonry ancient initiation ceremonies the new member is warned that if he reveals the lodges secrets he will be hung and his body washed by the ebb and flow of the tide....... Even non-Masons know the Text Now and Know What To Do.

.......... prosecutors refer to "suspicious gaps" in the City of London police's early investigation and quote the testimony of Francesco Delfino, an Italian Military Intelligence Officer who was sent to London on news of Calvi's death. "I was in contact with the British Secret Services who, when I arrived, were treating the case as though it were the suicide of a tramp."....... Yet more 20th Century Intent with a Capital I but on this occasion, it's obviously the BRITS.


The First Calvi Mystery: Was his Death Suicide or Murder? - Edward Jay Epstein
Calvi Murder: The mystery of God's Banker - 7 June 2007 - The Independent (UK)
It was a trial which promised to solve the 25-year old case of Roberto Calvi, who was found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge. But yesterday a judge acquitted all five defendants.

The Case of God's Banker: Roberto Calvi the Trial Begins - 6 October 2005 - The Independent (UK)
Twenty-three years ago, an Italian businessman was found hanging from scaffolding beneath Blackfriars Bridge. Today five people face murder charges in a courtroom drama that promises to provide yet more explosive twists in an extraordinary story.

Banco Ambrosiano and the Vatican Bank - Although this series of scandals first came to light in the early 1980s the controversy is not over yet. Good source for links to a variety of Financial Scandals.

John Paul's II Failed Assassination

Three years after John Paul I's death on 13 May 1981, Mehmet Ali Ağca (Turkey) attempted to assassinate John Paul II in the Vatican City's St. Peter's Square. (When the Birds Fly, You Pay Attention!) The following events followed shortly afterwards, sending a Real Thunderbolt through Italy. The Vatican behaved as if it was completely immune to Thunderbolts From God.

20 May 1981 – Italian Finance Police arrest Roberto Calvi, Chairman of the Ambrosiano Bank.
21 May 1981 – P2 Masonic Lodge Member's List Becomes Public. The list was found on 17 March 1981.
26 May 1981 - The Italian Government Resigns. The P2 Masonic scandal identifies people committed to making a State within a State.

Finally a few Diverse Links Focusing on John Paul I & The Vatican Bank
The Day of Reckoning John Paul II to Examination By Jesús López Saéz (In English)
Murder in the Vatican By Lucien Gregoire (Some Typos!)
Pope John Paul I Conspiracy Theories - Wiki
Did the healthy 65 year-old, ultra-liberal John Paul the First (Albino Luciani) really die of "natural" causes just 33 days after his election?

These ABUSES have never stopped but then St Peter's Square has never been full of Screaming Angry PROTESTors. It's as if The Establishment treats Such Crimes as an Unspoken Perk of the Job.

BBC Panorama Documentary Video – Sex Crimes and The Vatican ( If unable to connect here, go to Google Video or YouTube) Full Length Documentary approximately 39 minutes
An insight into how the Vatican addresses serious sexual crimes. Very Disturbing!

Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States www.bishop-accountability.org
According to the John Jay report commissioned by the U.S. bishops, allegations of sexual abuse were made in 1950-2002 against 4,392 priests. The number is generally believed to underestimate the problem.

ABUSE TRACKER - A digest of links to international media stories of clergy abuse in different religions.


My old university boss (senior lecturer) used to say to us Minnows, in the Temple of Piranhas, "IT'S COSMIC!" when something was successful or it would Certainly Fly. Yes, the time has come to send in those Cosmic Forensic Accountants, to expose the double standards, duplicity and corrupt practices of our Almighty UnGodly Brethren. Shall we start with the Offshore Financial Centers/Tax Havens?

This Blog Post in October 2008 also contains references to John Paul I...
II / 11 - The Deaths of Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten (1979) & Princess Diana (1997)

* * *

I hope I have done some JUSTICE for John Paul I, Today. I am not a Catholic nonetheless I have seen true Corruption and Bribery, Embeds within Religions and Masonic Type Political Entities deliver fatal blows to the innocent.

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