Sunday, March 2, 2008

9/11 11/3 7/7 11/7 Bombings - Introduction To Numerical Dimensions

I'll be more enthusiastic about encouraging thinking outside the box when there's evidence of any thinking going on inside it. Terry Prachett

Introduction To Numerical Dimensions

While the foot soliders of 911, 777, 113 117 were preoccupied with religious ideology and the acts of both Muslims and Westerners in the Middle East, other Muslims and non-Muslims (never say never) involved in planning may well have had a different agenda/goal and a completely different message to deliver, which could be successfully combined. A MCI which serves the interests of diverse parties is more likely to succeed, than an act involving only the interests of one party.

Clearly for all of the above MCIs to fly, some level of cooperation was required in country. Who could provide risk management support and early warning systems on the ground? What would motivate these people to co-operate?

Multiple Communication Devices - Every Passport has Numbers and is a Personal Identity

Whether we like to believe in the significance of numbers or not, numbers really do have many meanings and are also signatures e.g. international dialing codes, years and dates, dates of birth, religious and occult symbols, etc. Airport Codes and Flight Numbers can also be meaningful. In all cases when considering the relevance of numbers and codes, there needs to be an established pattern over a period of time.

Why bother using numbers, codes and other communication devices at all? If they are easily accessible to the planners, they might want to use them

  • to maximise or provide a series of message(s)
  • to communicate a global message to a select audience
  • to leave signatures of key players (Fuzzy references do not lead to incrimination)

An MCI report is usually limited to media stories, public declarations of responsibility and the profiles of known persons. How come these authors do not recognise other communication inputs as relevant, even though there are established patterns? If dates, times, names of locations, departure and destination points follow a pattern over a series of MCIs, surely these details are significant and should be recognised as such? These details might be useful for detecting and preventing future MCIs.

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