Monday, July 28, 2008

Outside Box Post - The Whole Spirit!

The Whole Spirit - Oxygen Tank
Focusing on Imagery. This post will be somewhat meaningless to many people. A Little Bit of Magic for the others......

Qantas Flight Q30 - From London, England via Hong Kong to Melbourne, Australia with a Forced Landing in Manila, Philippines.

The shrapnel came to rest in the cabin ceiling after it sheared off part of the door handle and knocked it half-way out of position, said Julian Walsh, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau's director of aviation safety.
July 30 2008 - Associated Press

"It's an incredibly rare event for the oxygen tank to explode, and for it to hit the door handle and rotate it open is just eye-watering," a source said.
July 30 2008 - The Australian

Fragments found on Qantas jet support oxygen tank theory
- July 28 2008 - The Guardian

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