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Josephine Tucker (Irving) Daughter of a Twin - David Irving

JOSEPHINE TUCKER (IRVING) Daughter of A Twin - David Irving

This post focuses on the Tragic Life of Josephine Irving (married name Tucker), the eldest daughter of David Irving. Before writing about Josephine and David, I wanted to highlight certain details from previous posts for new readers, about 911, 113, 77 and 117. These details provide some clues to the reasons why I would write a post about Josephine. It is not my intent to hurt the memory of Josephine and her family at all, in fact it is my aim to increase awareness about Tragedies such as this one. If anyone could furnish me with more information about Josephine's Life, please forward details.


The 7/7 London Bombings was part of a coordinated campaign of Publicized Terrorist Attacks involving the US, Spain, UK and India. These attacks contained patterns, including dates, numbers and connecting details, the Type of Information the Security Services would take into account when profiling terrorists and considering future attacks. Various posts in this blog have already presented details and connections, which have intentionally not been publicized by Governments.

Simple Mathematical Addition Reveals:
911 > American Airlines = 7, United Airlines = 7 and Buildings Hit = 7

AA THE *7* PILOTS AA11(11/2) + AA77(14/5) = AA88 (25/7) *7*

UA THE *7* PILOTS UA175(13/4) + UA93(12/3) = UA268 (25/7) *7*

(2/II/Twins)+(5/V/Pentagon) = *7*
These buildings were/are clearly visible from above and in Satellite Images.

The Pattern of Flight Numbers in 911 (UA175 and AA77), later played a role in the total of Train Numbers in the Madrid Bombing (11 March 2004) as well as the Train and Bus Numbers in the London Bombings (7 July 2005. The following table reveals this fact.

11 Sep 2001

↓5 ↓5
New York

↓50 ↓14
AA-N 11

1 1 11 2
UA-S 175

1 7 5 13 4
AA 77

7 7 14 5
UA 93

9 3 12 3

356 5→ 41→

1 24 16 ↑←91

5→ 14→

1 6 7

11 Mar 2004

↓11 ↓2

↓56 ↓20
C1 21431

2 1 4 3 1 11 2
C1 21435

2 1 4 3 5 15 6
C7 21713

2 1 7 1 3 14 5
C2 17305

1 7 3 0 5 16 7

81884 11→ 56→ 7 10 18 7 14 ↑←112

11→ 29→ 7 1 9 7 5

7 Jul 2005

↓7 ↓7

↓25 ↓25
CL-W 216

2 1 6 9 9
CL-E 204

2 0 4 6 6
PICC L 331

3 3 1 7 7

3 0 3 3

781 7→ 25→

7 7 11 ↑←50

7→ 16→

7 7 2

The arrival airports in 9/11 all had Spanish Names - Los Angeles (Targets Hit = 7) and San Francisco (Targets Appear As 0, Consider UA 93 and Airport Codes Involved - EWR >(Penn)>SFO) and 911 days later, Madrid, Spain was attacked. Those with knowledge of Francisco Franco (Died 1975), the Spanish Civil (Internal) War which then led to WWII (Twins), might ponder over possible connections.

As I have already stated, given the number of airports, flights, trains and buses available to the planners, why choose these? This would suggest these flights were chosen for symbolic reasons.

The following post presents how 7s and 11s have been used by/for the British Monarchy, ER11, Louis Mountbatten, Princess Diana, etc as well as 33s for Pope John Paul I.
MEMORIES Are More Important Than Memorials - More 7s inside 7 July 2005

Consider the Pattern of Dates

Tuesday 11 September 2001

Month of September is the Ninth(9) Month But Means Seven(7) 11*9=99 or 11*7=77
Thursday 11 March 2004
Month of Mars - 11*3=33 or 8
Thursday 7 July 2005
Month of Julius Ceasar - 7*7=49/7²
Tuesday 11 July 2006
Month of Julius Ceasar - 11*7=77

You might consider the 11s, 5s and 7s complete nonsense. If 7s are responsible for killing thousands of innocent people and are being utilized for motives of financial and material profit, there are serious problems, Indeed!



Josephine was born on the 1 April 1963. On the 7 September* 1999 (7 9 1999 or 7 7 1999, at the age of 36, she fell three(?) floors to her death from a window in her home in Duvell Court, Covent Garden, London, England. She shared the home with her husband and 16-year-old son.

The father of Josephine Tucker was David John Cawdell Irving (born 24 March 1938), a British writer specializing in the military history of World War II. His interpretations of Nazi Germany have proved highly controversial due to allegations of undue sympathy for the Third Reich and antisemitism, and because of his involvement in the Holocaust denial (or reflection) movement. He has associated with far right and neo-Nazi causes, famously seconding British Union of Fascists founder Oswald Moseley in a debate at University College London on immigration during his student days. He is the author of 30 books, including

The Destruction of Dresden (1963) & Apocalypse 1945, The Destruction of Dresden, updated and revised edition, (1995)
The Mare's Nest (1964)
The Virus House (1967)
The Destruction of Convoy PQ17 (1967), reprint (1989)
Accident — The Death of General Sikorski (1967)
Breach of Security (1968)
The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe (1973), a biography of Erhard Milch
Hitler's War (1977), (1991) revised edition, incorporating The War Path as well as 2002 Edition
The Trail of the Fox (1977), a biography of Erwin Rommel and Rommel: Limited edition (1999)
The War Path (1978)
The War Between the Generals (1981)
Uprising! (1981)
The Secret Diaries of Hitler’s Doctor (1983)
The German Atomic Bomb: The History of Nuclear Research in Nazi Germany (1983)
Der Morgenthau Plan 1944-45 (in German only) (1986)
War Between the Generals (1986)
Hess, the Missing Years (1987)
Churchill's War (1987)
Göring (1989), biography of Hermann Göring
Das Reich hört mit (in German only) (1989)
Der unbekannte Dr. Goebbels (in German only) (1995)
Goebbels — Mastermind of the Third Reich (1996)
Nuremberg: The Last Battle (1996)
Churchill's War Volume II: Triumph in Adversity (1997)

David Irving has a Twin Brother called Nicholas. David's first wife Pilar was Spanish (Her name means Pillar or Virgin Mary) and they had four daughters : Josephine, Pilar, Paloma and Beatrice. By his Common Law Wife, Bente Hogh, he has one daughter, Jessica.

In the Bible the name David is borne only by the 2nd king of Israel and Joseph is identified as the son of Jacob and Rachel.

Without presenting the few details I have found about Josephine's Life first, we should recognize David Irving has been a controversial public figure, over many decades. This would have impacted the family in various ways and the children may well have been targeted instead of the father, on occasions.

Seven Months after Josephine's birth, in November 1963, Irving contacted London Metropolitan Police with suspicions he had been the victim of a burglary, perpetrated by three men who had gained access to his Mayfair apartment claiming to be General Post Office (GPO) engineers. Gerry Gable was subsequently arrested and held at Hornsey police station, where on 14 January 1964, along with Manny Carpel and another, Gable admitted breaking in with intent to steal private papers. At the trial, counsel for the defence claimed that this was no ordinary crime, telling the court, "they hoped to find material they could take to Special Branch". Irving considered this incident important, and in his video 'Ich komme wieder' he describes this as the first indication he had that he was under attack for some reason. Gable was a former member of the British Communist Party.

Extracts From
David Irving: 'Hitler appointed me his biographer' - The Independent (UK) - 15 January 2009

“In 1981 she (Josephine) became schizophrenic and it was a terrible shock for us,” he (David) says, his voice dropping from its confident strut. She had been getting into trouble at school for a while, but Irving assumed it was normal teenage turbulence until one day she left an exam and walked home. She told her father: “Oh, the devil was sitting in the road just in front of me.” Irving looks into the middle distance. “You hear your own daughter saying things like that and it begins to become very frightening. You don't realise what's going on.”

A Harley Street doctor diagnosed her with latent paranoid schizophrenia. “It is not curable. It can be treated, but for the benefit of the rest of society,” he says. “My wife vanished for three months. She couldn't take it, left me with the children to look after. I can't begrudge her that, it was a terrible shock and it took a long time to sink in.”

He remembers walking with Josephine on the anniversary of her diagnosis, and he said she had been ill for a year “She turned those blue eyes to me and she said, ‘Oh no daddy, I've been ill for many more years than that.’ Imagine your oldest daughter saying that?

For the next 18 years she struggled with this appalling affliction which got worse and worse. She heard these voices which speak with enormous compulsion. The voice that tells you to stand back from the edge of a platform as an express train rattles through, with equally the same cohesion tells schizophrenics to do the exact opposite.”

In 1996 (Aged 32/33), she tried to commit suicide by hurling herself from a building, and ended up “a complete cripple”, as Irving puts it, with a broken back and both her legs amputated.

She secretly married another seriously disabled man who “had a bad, bad brain,” but after three years, she attempted suicide again – this time successfully.

The hospital staff, he says, told him “she must have been a very determined suicide indeed to pull herself out of a window, a fifth floor window(?), in that condition.” Their son is now grown up, and fighting in Afghanistan.


We should not ignore the Figurative Communications Of Josephine in the context of her environment, which were altered/erased through Medical Manipulation and Deception. Many human beings hear things and talk to themselves. People do not discuss all their thoughts and actions because they know the consequences, expect ridicule and there is ongoing stigmaticism associated with communicating with the invisible, the dead, etc.


David Irving's Book : Accident — The Death of General Sikorski (1967) PDF is a Good Read. For those unaware, shortly before Sikorski's Death and the Disappearance of his Daughter Zofia, the aftermath of World War II for Poland was Revealed by Russians along with Brits and Americans on British Soil on Independence Day, in Gibraltar. Sikorski was killed in a Plane Crash on the 4th of July 1943 upon leaving Gibraltar.

In my other blog JUSTICE Will Be Served - www.hrlaws.blogspot.com, I have done a series of posts about World War II.


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