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Part 1 of 2 - Suicide Bombers, Kamikaze - DYING WITH KILLING

Part 1 of 2 - Suicide Bombers & Kamikaze - DYING WITH KILLING
(Part 2 of 2 Covers Self Immolation, Hara-Kiri/Seppuku & Sati - DYING WITHOUT KILLING)

What would it take to Stop Islamists engaging in Jihad in western countries today? Besides the obvious, what do their messages really communicate? What facts are they delivering to the general public? Are Suicide Bombers the only way to make governments and people listen today?

In addition to the Jihadists, there are other groups (eg Tamil Tigers) and people who have sacrificed themselves in the name of a Cause. The Japanese are also known for their Kamikaze and Hara-Kiri/Seppuku. Self-immolation has been used by many nationalities and could be viewed as a last resort. We can assume people engage in these acts because

  • They have a Message to Deliver
  • They want to Act in the interests of a group or cause, they care about and identify with
  • They hope people will benefit from their actions
  • They want to convert people to their cause and spur sympathizers to greater efforts on behalf of the cause
  • In the Name of Honour
  • They have been conditioned/educated to respect these types of actions
  • They want to seek revenge or inflict punishment (an eye for an eye, is a recognised deterrent)
  • They will receive public recognition, which their normal lives will not bring

JAPANESE KAMIKAZE - God-wind, Spirit-Wind, or Divine Wind


Refers to the suicide attacks by Japanese military aviators from the Empire of Japan, against Allied shipping, in the closing stages of World War II to destroy as many warships as possible. Kamikaze pilots would attempt to crash their aircraft — often laden with explosives, bombs, torpedoes and full fuel tanks — into Allied ships. The aircraft's normal role was converted to a manned missile in a desperate attempt to reap the benefits of greatly increased accuracy and payload over that of a normal bomb. The goal of crippling as many Allied warships as possible was considered critical enough to warrant the cost of a trained aviator and his aircraft. These attacks began in 1944 and followed several significant military and strategic losses for Japan. They were implemented to stop or slow the Allied advance towards the Japanese home islands.

Last Testimonies (Diaries & Correspondence)

Flight Petty Officer Kameda, age 19

A man will die sooner or later. The value of being a man is given at the time of his death.

Ensign Okabe

My life will be rounded out in the next thirty days. My chance will come! Death and I are waiting. The training and practice have been rigorous, but it is worthwhile if we can die beautifully and for a cause.

Komatsu Takeshi

When you hear of my death don't cook red rice and or put on a black kimono. Yell 'Banzai' and greet my remains with joy.

* * * * *

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)

LTTE have been fighting a war for the national liberation of Tamils living in the north and east of Sri Lanka since the early 1970s. From 1972 to 1976 they were called the Tamil New Tigers. In 1976 they changed their name to LTTE. Their first suicide attack took place on 5 July 1987.


These martyrdom videos were allegedly found at the home of one of the defendants (Assad Sarwar) at the Heathrow Plot Trial.

Someone who had aspired martyrdom since the age of 15 or 16.

"I'm doing this because the rewards, the big rewards that Allah has promised those who step on his path and Inshaallah [God willing] become martyr and the best of amongst those to me is the guarantee of Jannah [paradise] for myself and my family and those that are close to me.

"On top of this is to punish and to humiliate the Kuffar [non-believer], to teach them a lesson that they will never forget.

"It's to tell them that we Muslim people have pride, our people of Allah, the people of Islam, we are brave.

"We're not cowards. Enough is enough. We've warned you so many times get out of our lands, leave us alone, but you have persisted in trying to humiliate us, kill us and destroy us.

"Sheikh Osama [the prosecution say this means Osama Bin Laden] warned you many times to leave our lands or you will be destroyed and now the time has come for you to be destroyed and you have nothing but to expect that floods of martyr operations, volcanoes and anger and revenge and erupting among your capital and, yet, taste that what you have made us taste for a long time and now you have to bear the fruits that you have sown."

((Ali is asked by a voice off-camera by way of inquiry: "What about the innocent people? Surely just because the Kuffar kill our innocent does not mean that we should, that we should kill theirs? What about this so-called 'collateral damage'? What about it?))

"You and show more care and concern for animals than you do for the Muslim Ummah [the Islamic nation].

"Those who know me, who really know me, will know that I was the happiest person that they could ever have imagined, and those that know me know that I was over the moon that Allah has given me this opportunity to lead this blessed operation.

"Thanks to God I swear by Allah, I have the desire since the age of 15/16 to participate in Jihad in the path of Allah. I had the desire since then to punish the Kuffar for the evil they are doing.

"I had the desire since then for Jannah [paradise] for the Koran. I want to go to my prophet and his companions.

"Leave us alone. Stop meddling in our affairs and we will leave you alone.

"Otherwise expect floods of martyr operations against you and we will take our revenge and anger, ripping amongst your people and scattering the people and your body parts and your people's body parts responsible for these wars and oppression decorating the streets."

"This is from Umar Islam, the son of Islam, to the people of the world, to let you know the reasons for this action which Inshaallah [God willing] I am going to undertake. This is an obligation on me as a Muslim to wage Jihad against the Kuffar [non-believers].

"We are doing this in order to gain the pleasure of our Lord and Allah loves us to die and kill in his path.

"Anyone who tries to deny this, then read the Koran and you will not be able to deny this because this is the words in the Koran and the words of our the messenger of Allah, prayers and peace upon him, who said them and we will not leave this path until you leave our lands, until you feel what we are feeling.

"This is revenge for the actions of the USA in the Muslim lands and their accomplices such as the British and the Jews.

"This is a warning to the non-believers that if they do not leave our lands there are many more like us and many more like me ready to strike until the law of Allah is established on this earth.

"Know that without doubt your dead are in the hellfire whilst the Muslims who died due to your attacks will be in paradise.

"Martyrdom operations upon martyrdom operations will keep on raining on these Kuffar until they release you and leave our lands.

"I'm happy and I do not fear the blame of any blamer of what I'm going to do, as you call us terrorists; but you can see we don't mind that, if you call us terrorists, because we will keep on terrorising you until you learn your lesson."

((The man is heard saying he and others were happy because of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because Allah could make martyrs of them. A voice off camera asks him what he would say if accused of being a barbarian who was setting out to kill innocent civilians. He replies:))

"I say to you disbelievers that as you bomb, you will be bombed. As you kill, you will be killed. And if you want to kill our women and children then the same thing will happen to you. This is not a joke.

"If you think you can go into our land and do what you are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine and keep on supporting those that are fighting against the Muslims and think it will not come back on to your doorstep then you have another think coming.

"You are just sitting there, you are still funding the Army, you have not put down your leader, you have not pressured them enough.

"Most of them are too busy watching Home And Away and EastEnders, complaining about the World Cup, drinking your alcohol, to care about anything. "That is all you seem to care about - and I know because I have come from that."

"I participate within this blessed raid for - upon the enemies of blessed Islam, for several reasons.

"I, Savant, have sacrificed my life cheaply, within the sake of Allah, not to save myself from a life of trials and tribulations but to fulfill a covenant and promise with Allah the almighty, and to make it Deen [religion or way of life] reign supreme.

"As for the lovers of life and haters of death, you will class my case as a case of suicide.

"I say argue your case with the most high, and as he has said, and never think those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead, rather they are alive with their Lord and receiving provision.

"All Muslims take heed, remove yourself from the grasp of the Kuffar before you are counted as one of them. Do not be content with your council houses and businesses and western lifestyle.

"So we also say that if you are among the polytheists [polytheism is a doctrine of plurality of gods, of different gods, different religions] whilst they are attacked, we are free from you whatever may befall you.

"All Muslims feel the need to dust your feet in the training camps of Jihad where men are made."

"Cease debate and enter the battlefields seeking paradise. Mujahedeen, for years I've desired to meet you, to walk the paths you've walked, to sacrifice what you have sacrificed. Now Allah has honoured me with an invitation to his Kingdom.

"Obviously after this beautiful operation they will accuse us brothers of all sorts of things and most of the things they will accuse us of is killing for the sake of killing, hating freedom, hating the west, being fed up with our lives."

"I have been educated to a high standard and had it not been Allah had blessed me with this mission, I could have lived a life of ease.

"But instead chose to fight for the sake of Allah's Deen [his religion or way]. All of you so-called moderate Muslims, there's only one way in which to solve this crisis, the problems will not be solved by means of campaigning, big conferences, peaceful negotiations with the disbelievers.

"The only solution to this current situation of the Muslims is by fighting Jihad for the sake of Allah until the enemy is fully subdued and expelled from our lands.

"America and England have no cause for complaint for they are the ones who invaded and built bases in the land of the Muslims. They are the ones who supply weapons to the enemies of Islam, including the accursed Israelis.

"I'm warning these two nations and any other country who seeks a bad end, death and destruction will pass upon you like a tornado and you will not feel it.

"You will not feel any security or peace in your lands until you [stop] [we say] interfering in the affairs of the Muslim completely. "I'm warning you today so tomorrow you have no cause for complaints. Remember, as you kill us, you will be killed and as you bomb us, you will be bombed."

"I will pray that Allah makes us successful in our actions, may he grant us Jannah [paradise].

"May he raise us on the Day of Judgment to be with the prophets, martyrs and people in the right path. May Allah bless the Mujahedeen with victory upon victory wherever they may be and may he focus their aim and may he make them of the patient ones.

"I have not been brainwashed. I have been educated to a high standard. I am old enough to make my own decisions."

"People keep on saying, you know, that we keep on targeting innocent civilians, yeah. "We're not targeting innocent civilians. We're targeting economic and military targets.

"They're the battle grounds of today so whoever steps in these trenches, they, yeah, you haven't got us to blame.

"You've got to blame yourself, and collateral damage is going to be inevitable and people are going to die, besides, you know, it's work at a price."

"You know, I wanted to do this myself. For many years, you know, I dreamt of doing this, but I didn't have no chance of doing this. I didn't have any means.

"Thank God Allah has accepted my duas [prayers] yeah, and provided a means to do this.

"You know, I only wish I could do this again, you know come back and do this again, and just do it again and again until people come to their senses and realise, you know, don't mess with the Muslims."

"Stop supporting the puppets and helping our enemies. If you do this, we're going to leave you alone. If you don't, you're going to feel the wrath of the Mujahedeen Inshaallah [God willing]."

"We will rain upon you such a terror and destruction that you will never feel peace and security.

"There will be floods of martyrdom operations and bombs falling through your lands. There will be daily torment in this world and a greater torment awaiting in the hereafter.

"Now I'd like to address the bootlickers who stand shoulder to shoulder with Kuffar in condemning these beautiful operations and the Mujahedeen.

"In particular, I'd like to address the scholars to whom Allah has given knowledge which they concealed and play with to please the Kuffar, to save themselves from their disapproval.

"What a miserable deal. Pleasing the Kuffar all while just pleasing Allah. Fearing them instead of fearing Allah."

"I would like to thank Allah for giving me this opportunity to bless me with this Shahada [martyrdom]. "I ask Allah to forgive me for all my sins, to accept me as a martyr. I ask Allah to help the Mujahedeen everywhere in every way."

* * *
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