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SIS.... Guilty By 7/7 London Bombings Association!


Security Services, It depends upon what you do about the Problem and the People Immediately, doesn't it.

“Are you really a terrorist?”
Ausman or his brother replies: “No I’m not a terrorist but they’re working through us.” (February 2004)

* * *

Mr Ali, 24, of Tower Hamlets, east London, Sadeer Saleem, 27, and Mohammed Shakil, 31, both of Beeston, Leeds, are accused of conspiring with Khan, Tanweer, Jermain Lindsay and Hasib Hussain and others unknown to cause explosions between November 17, 2004 and July 8, 2005. Ali, Saleem and Shakil were arrested in March 2007. In May 2007, Tony Blair was still refusing to hold a public inquiry into 7/7.

Why has Tony Blair (TB) been so adamant in his refusal to hold an in-depth public inquiry into the slaughter of his own people? Who is in fact flying the flag of St George, these days? If TB and the Security Services (SS) knew in advance there was going to be a Ali, Saleem & Shakil Trial and the SS wanted to continue monitoring their communications and movements after 7/7, TB & the SS would naturally delay a public inquiry.

There has been a slow trickle of information entering the public domain about Khan & Associates since 7/7. So gentle has the flow been, it has barely caused a ripple. We know the longer they take to release information, the greater the disinterest will be.

* * *

Ali travelled to Pakistan with Khan in July 2001 and returned to Britain with him in September 2001.

Mohammed Shakil from Leeds joined Mohammed Siddique Khan at a Pakistan camp in July 2003. Mohammed Junaid Babar, who is in jail in the US, said he had seen both Mr Shakil and Siddique Khan attend the camp in the village of Garhoque in the Marden region, in the Malakand district of Pakistan. The American, who pleaded guilty to Al Qaeda-related offences in 2004, knew Mr Shakil as "Zubair" and Siddique Khan as "Ibrahim". Babar said another man, known only as Ausman, had secured the use of AK-47 rifles, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and a light machine gun with the help of a local religious teacher. The leader of the local madrassa (religious school) helped the group and his son bought them weapons paid for by Ausman. Babar said Shakil and Khan told him they had been to camps in Kashmir before the 9/11 attacks on the US. Babar told the FBI about the 7/7 ringleader before the bombings. In early 2004 Babar visited Britain again to see people he had met in Pakistan, including Ausman, and was told that Khan and Shakil had fallen out.

On 4 February 2004, Khan made an eight-hour return journey in his Honda Civic with Tanweer and Mr Ali for a five-minute meeting at a retail park with Ausman, who was driving his Suzuki 4x4, and his brother. The Leeds men were followed and pictures of them were taken at Toddington service station on the M1 before the car returned to the Leeds area in the early hours.

A conversation was recorded in Ausman's car in Crawley, West Sussex, on 21 February 2004. Ali was with Khan and another of the bombers, Shehzad Tanweer. Ausman and his associates were being watched by police and MI5 and the 40-minute conversation was picked up by a listening device in Ausman’s Suzuki Jeep. In the bugged encounter Ausman and Khan discussed how he would travel to Afghanistan and would not be coming back. They talked about how he should raise money by fraud before he left. Ausman said: “Every time you come back, you’re going to make yourself hotter. "Now this is a one way ticket bro, yeah, and because you’re going to leave now, you may as well rip the country apart economically as well. "All the brothers are running scams.” It was alleged that Sidique Khan asked: “Are you really a terrorist?” and that Ausman or his brother replied: “No I’m not a terrorist but they’re working through us.” Ausman told Khan he had to show total obedience to his emir, or leader, whether he was “Sunni, Arab, Chechen, Pakistani, British, whatever.”

MI5 bugged a conversation between Omar Khyam, the jailed ringleader of the fertiliser bomb plot, and Mohammad Sidique Khan, the London suicide bomber. It took place at 8.50pm on the evening of 21 February 2004.

A meeting attended by Waheed Ali, from Beeston, and 7/7 fanatics Mohammed Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer at a McDonald's just off the A23 in Tushmore near Crawley in West Sussex, on 28 February 2004. There are surveillance photos of Tanweer, in a Helly Hansen hat, and Ali, in a blue baseball cap, along with Khan, meeting Ausman and his brother. This meeting led to visits to builders' merchants as part of a scam to raise money.

In the early hours of 21 March 2004 a Vauxhall Corsa courtesy car given to Khan was pictured in Crawley. Two days later the Corsa and Ausman’s Suzuki were tracked in Crawley, Slough and areas of West and East London.

Bombers Mohammed Sidique Khan and Shezhad Tanweer and alleged conspirator Waheed Ali are captured on film with Ausman and two others, strolling in the East End on 23 March 2004. Later the same evening, a discussion between Khan, Ausman and others, whose voices cannot be recognised, about ways to defraud banks and credit-card companies was bugged.

Khan and Tanweer flew to Pakistan in November 2004 but during the trip, it is alleged, there was a “change of plan” which marked the start of the July 7 plot. They told families and friends they had gone to undertake religious studies, but it is thought they may have undergone training or made contact with extremists. The pair flew together from London to Karachi via Istanbul on 19 November 2004 and were photographed at the airport as part of Pakistan's Pisces security system. They left the country three months later on 8 February 2005.

Ali, Shakil and Saleem are alleged to have carried out a two-day reconnaissance mission in the capital on 16 and 17 December 2004 with Hussain and Lindsay.

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