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Nicky ReILLy / Mohammed Rashid/Rasheed - Giraffe & Tiger Tiger

Nicky Reilly is being described as an oddball, vulnerable, brainwashed, mentally ill and a loner with learning difficulties in the media, as justification for his actions. What poppycock! If you look at the profiles of all of the other suicide bombers, this particular description of Nicky Reilly is completely irrelevant.

Some Brits love to pin (heinous) crimes on loners, misfits, recluses, outsiders, the mentally ill and unsociable types. Unfortunately Brits forget, there are many people who are violent and highly abusive Behind Closed Doors. In public these people lead highly respectful and sociable lives and put on a fantastic stage act.

By way of comparison with Nicky Reilly's Character, the following Suicide Bombers need to be considered.

Saturday 22 December 2001 - Richard Reid attempted to destroy American Airlines Flight 63, a flight from Paris, Charles De Gaulle International Airport (CDG) to Miami International Airport (MIA), USA, by igniting explosives hidden in his shoes.

Thursday 7 July 2005 - London Bombings - Tube Trains and Bus.

Thursday 21 July 2005 - Failed Bombings - Tube Trains and Bus.

Friday 29 June 2007 - Two car bombs were discovered and disabled before they could be detonated in London. The first device was left near the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Haymarket at around 01:30, and the second was in Cockspur Street, in the same area of the city.

Saturday 30 June 2007 - An attack at Glasgow International Airport occurred when a Jeep Cherokee loaded with propane canisters was driven into the glass doors of the main airport terminal and set ablaze. Police identified the two men responsible as Bilal Abdullah, a British-born, Muslim doctor of Iraqi descent working at the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Kafeel Ahmed/Khalid Ahmed, the driver. Kafeel was an engineer pursuing a Ph.D. in computational fluid dynamics at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, in the UK, on the topic of "Computational Approach to Ink-jet Printing of Tactile Maps."

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Terrorist Attack, Giraffe Restaurant, Princesshay Shopping Complex, Exeter, Devon

Was Known as 'BFG'

Was he being treated as a Big Friendly Giant, Big Fat Giant or a Big Fat Git by people throughout his life? BFG has more than one meaning.

When he was younger the kids used to call him 'Queen'.

Every human being needs to find a purpose in life. Most human beings react adversely to being persecuted, cast out, ridiculed, undermined or rejected by someone important, in their lives. Being Respected and Personal Achievement are Common Goals in Life. Perhaps here lies a couple of the Real Reasons behind Nicky Reilly's willingness to become a Suicide Bomber. Why are People ignoring the fact that some Muslims pursue Self Immolation instead of Suicide Bombing.

What Is The Media Telling Us About Nicky

Nicky Reilly, aged 22 and unemployed, converted to Islam about six years ago, and was regarded as a harmless loner by many people. He was more than 6ft tall, lived with his unemployed mother, Kim, and brother younger Elliott in a King Street flat and had acquaintances of both sexes among the large Kurdish community in East Stonehouse.

Reilly attended Coombe Dean School in Year 7 when he was 11 or 12, but was later excluded and home-tutored, never returning to regular school.

He spent much of his time using his computer and with friends in Islamic dress in an internet cafe close to his home.

He has been described by people around him as always being calm and a follower who wanted friends. One person said "He was a loner and people did make fun of him a bit - I always thought of him as a bit of an introvert." "He did not have many friends locally."

Reilly was friends with Omar Siddiqui, president of the Islamic Society at the University of Plymouth, and worshipped with him there and at the Islamic Centre at Greenbank Avenue, St Judes. Reilly stood out among the congregation because he is 14 stone, more than 6ft tall and white.

He changed his name by deed poll to Mohammed Rashid.

He has been recognised as having some mental problems because he spoke very slowly and had a problem pronouncing his Ts.

Reilly's brother Luke, aged 20, was jailed for six years in February for kicking a Polish man unconscious during a brutal street robbery.

Plymouth Primary Care Trust confirmed on 23 May in a statement:"Mr Reilly is known to the Primary Care Trust as a user of its services." Plymouth City Council said it could neither 'confirm nor deny' Kim Reilly and her family were being cared for by social services.

Sources close to the investigation said Nicky suffered from Asperger's Syndrome (a form of autism), had a history of self harm and had attempted suicide after problems with his girlfriend in his late teens. He was sectioned, and after being released from a mental hospital he was allegedly groomed by a group of radicals.

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* * * * * * * All Suicide Bombings since 7/7 have failed in Great Britain * * * * * * *
You Can Get Away With It Once, But NOT Twice.

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