Friday, September 12, 2008

9/11 - A Day of Anxiety, Awareness and Observation

9/11 - A Day of Anxiety, Awareness and Observation
Every year, people anticipate another MCI like 9/11 to happen, on the same day. Did any incidents/events on this day, in 2008 ignite concern and/or stir
"What the Hell is Wrong with These People?"

The Underground Tunnel(s) Joining France with England
Fire Evacuates Channel Tunnel - Sep 11, 2008
A fire on a freight train in the Channel Tunnel has caused major disruption to rail services that use the facility. The blaze broke out at about 1400 GMT, about 11km (7 miles) from the French entrance, the operator Eurotunnel said. Eight people suffered minor injuries after inhaling smoke from the blaze, which started on a lorry on board a freight train travelling from Folkestone to Calais.

The fire deep under the English Channel left the British Isles cut off for more than a day from continental Europe other than by sea or air — the only routes that existed before the undersea tunnel opened to passengers in 1994.

Channel tunnel fire out, travel chaos remains - AP - 12 September 2008
Channel Tunnel shut after blaze - BBC - 11 September 2008
Thousands of travellers stranded after Channel tunnel fire - The Guardian - 11 September 2008

Suspicious Odour Causes Easyjet Flight to make a U-turn back to Geneva, Switzerland - Le Matin
An Easyjet Geneva to London Gatwick flight had to turn back on Thursday 11 September after a smell of burning plastic was detected on board after takeoff. "After twenty minutes of the flight, the captain announced that we had to make a U-turn, a passenger said. Everyone remained calm. "

The plane returned to the terminal and all passengers disembarked. A technical inspection was conducted and revealed no anomalies.


Israel Yarkon River Body is Missing Rose - BBC
Rose Pizem, aged four, had been missing since May. A body found in a Tel Aviv river is that of missing four-year-old Rose Pizem, Israeli police have confirmed. Flowers, candles and messages have already been placed on the site near where the tiny body was discovered in a red suitcase by police on Thursday 11 September. The hunt for Rose has been widely publicised across Israel. Her grandfather, Ronny Ron, initially confessed that he had killed her, but later withdrew the statement, saying he had been coerced into making it.


9/11 anniversary exposes War on Terror faultlines - The Times
In a statement today, General Ashfaq Kayani, the Pakistani army chief insisted there was no deal allowing foreign troops to conduct operations on Pakistani soil. “The sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country will be defended at all costs.”


Venezuela: Hugo Chávez expels US ambassador amid claims of coup plot - The Guardian
Expulsions and aggressive language raise stakes in long-running diplomatic battle between US and Venezuela. President Hugo Chávez last night (9/11) ordered the US ambassador to leave Venezuela within 72 hours and accused Washington of formenting a coup attempt against his socialist revolution. Chávez also ordered Venezuela's ambassador to Washington to return home and threatened to cut oil supplies, plunging relations between the countries to a new low. "Go to hell a hundred times, fucking Yankees," he told a televised rally thronged with supporters clad in red.

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