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In the News - Beliefs, Opinions, Actions and Ideas

In the News - Beliefs, Influence, Opinions, Actions and Motivations
What lengths will people go to, to make themselves heard, Globally?
By Way of Comparison With The Terrorist Attacks


Matti (Juhani) Saari, Karijoki - Finland (Mata Hari)
Tuesday 23 September 2008

During a 90-minute spree, a second-year culinary arts student(trainee chef) Matti Saari shot dead nine of his fellow students and a teacher while they sat an exam at the Karijoki/Kauhajoki School of Hospitality. Matti Saari was questioned by police on Monday 22 September, a day before the rampage about YouTube clips showing him firing a handgun. Saari was released Monday because police said they found no reason to keep him in custody. A video clip posted on the Internet by the alleged gunman showed him pointing his gun to the camera and saying "You will die next" before firing four rounds. The handwritten suicide notes left in Saari's dormitory explained he launched his attack because 'I hate the human race'. The solution, he wrote, was 'Walther 22' - that is, the Walther .22 calibre handgun he used for the slaughter. In the note he also said he had 'been planning this since 2002'.

Massacre Link To Earlier Shooting - SkyNews
Police: school gunman killed 8 women and 2 men - AP

Pekka-Eric Auvinen - Finland

Video called "Jokela High School Massacre - 11/7/2007" on YouTube with ID: Sturmgeist89 (German for "Storm Spirit")

In Tuusula, some 50km (30 miles) north of the capital, Helsinki, Finland on Wednesday 7 November 2007, 18-year-old Pekka-Eric Auvinen killed six students, the school's headmaster, a nurse and himself at the Jokela High/Secondary School.

Internet threats heighten alarm after Finnish school killings - Pakistan Dawn

Finnish School gunman dies in hospital - Telegraph - GB

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Sheikh Muhammad Munajid - Saudi Arabia

Vermin and Practical Clothing - An International Debate

Islamic theologian says Mickey Mouse must Die - 14th September 2008

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CERN - Large Hadron Collider Delayed

Could the Big Bang Collider put Them out of the Religious Business?

On 19 September one of the giant superconducting magnets that guide the protons failed during a test. The breakdown led to the release of a ton of helium used to cool the magnets that guide subatomic particles around the giant 17 mile circumference machine.

Large Hadron Collider: How a little bang killed the Big Bang - The Telegraph (UK)

Large Hadron Collider Shut Down Until Spring 2009 - National Geographic News

Word of Advice - Improve Security at CERN. Personnel Only areas were easily accessible to outsiders during the last year. Would anyone want to sabotage CERN's Big Bang Machine?

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Kidnapped tourists moved to Libya, says Sudan - CNN

The kidnappers of 11 European tourists and eight Egyptians snatched while on a Sahara desert trip in Egypt and moved to Sudan were taken to neighboring Libya Thursday (25 September), according to the Sudanese government. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ali Youssef told The Associated Press that the group was moved to Libya and was now some 15 kilometers (10 miles) inside Libyan territory. Ali, speaking by telephone from the Sudanese capital Khartoum, did not know why the kidnappers, who are suspected to be desert tribesmen, decided to move their captives to Libya.


EU Plans Restrictions on China Milk Products - 25 September 2008 - SwissInfo.CH
The European Commission has proposed tests and restrictions on Chinese food products containing powdered milk as UNICEF and the World Health Organisation called China's growing milk scandal "deplorable." Beijing is battling public alarm and international dismay after thousands of Chinese children were hospitalised, sick from infant milk formula tainted with melamine, a cheap industrial chemical used to make plastics and glues. Melamine has been used to cheat quality checks and to make milk products look rich in protein. China's quality watchdog chief said two of 22 companies found to have the chemical melamine in their milk powder were exporting it abroad. A European Commission spokeswoman said EU authorities would test 100 percent of products from China containing more than 15 percent of milk powder, and would ban all products for children and young people containing any proportion of milk. This came as the World Health Organisation and UNICEF issued a joint statement saying the deliberate contamination of food for infants and young children was "particularly deplorable." The WHO and UNICEF urged mothers to breast feed their infants! Sanlu Group, the company initially fingered as the alleged chief culprit, has fired its chairwoman and its general manager.

Tainted milk sickens 6,000 babies in China - AFP -16 September 2008

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Man stabs Catholic Priest hours after watching The Da Vinci Code - 24 September 2008
A man who attacked a priest has claimed he did so after watching the film The Da Vinci Code. Father Caino Calitri, 68, was in a critical condition in a Rome hospital today after he was repeatedly stabbed in the neck by 25-year-old Marco Luzi. The attack took place at the Santa Marcella church in Rome. Police found a note in one of Luzi's pockets reading: 'This is just the beginning, 666' - a number linked to the Devil. Luzi - who also stabbed three bystanders who came to Father Calitri's aid on Tuesday.

Officers who visited his flat also found a print of The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci and a note. which read, 'I, the antiChrist'. Witnesses said Luzi had burst in armed with two knives and carrying a set of rosary beads, shouting that he was the 'antiChrist' and yelling about The Da Vinci Code. 'Then he said he had heard voices in his head telling him to carry out his mission.'

Priest stabber inspired by "Da Vinci Code" - Reuters, UK

Man stabs Catholic priest hours after watching The Da Vinci Code - Daily Mail

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